elephant reviews: Hanuman Festival: Photo Highlights, Day One.

Via Meghan Currie
on Jun 8, 2012
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elephant is not associated with Hanuman, a yoga festival in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado, in any way. The lovely charming viral-video yogini friend Meghan (her photos, highlights below) came all the way from Vancouver to cover this fest for us. If you see her, say hello! ~ ed.


Richard Freeman was the brightest highlight of my day. Blew my mind. Every word he said. Seriously. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to spend two hours with him. So humble, hilarious, poetic and sweet. A real teacher of Yoga.

 “The catalyst, what makes the poses work, two things: a sense of humour and compassion.”


Slack lining.

Solar powered bubble machine from Lighthouse Solar.

How can this not be a highlight?

Thank the lord for Marc the Bike Caffe man.


The Grocery folks. Organic deliciousness delivered. Mile High Organics.

I like mile high anything. Veggasms.


Samples. These ones. Amazing. Had way too many.

This is Doug. The Nude Food creator. He’s a good man making the most delicious food.

And from this stuff. Eye-gasms. Not exaggerating even a little. I love this stuff.

All made by hand. I like natural girly things. And I’m picky. This stuff is for real.

Finally, one of the hightlightiest highlights has been the nap tent. Also known as the Hanumission tent where there will be many inspirational speakers throughout the weekend.

In between inspirational speakers, inspirational naps allowed.


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7 Responses to “elephant reviews: Hanuman Festival: Photo Highlights, Day One.”

  1. ManifestYogaJen says:

    you are the cutest. xx

  2. guptamajah says:

    hanuman is about MONEY! $49 plus tax for a yoga class? Please……this is absurd and i doubt there will be another one.

  3. Colin Wiseman says:

    guptamajah -> $49 with a yoga teacher that you'd normally not get anywhere near to, and would cost your $100s for a one on one session with. Part of that cost will also go to run the festival. Think of it as in terms of a music festival. If you only go to see 3 bands for $600, than that's $200 a band! But then you get the rest of the day to hang out chat do so much more in the festival.

    If it was $49 for a standard yoga class in a chain studio, expensive, but it's not.

  4. DaveTelf says:

    I strongly disagree with this statement. Hanuman is a true community gathering that operates on a minimal budget. It almost didn't happen THIS year because of struggles with funding. I understand that $49 for one yoga class seems expensive, but one class at a time is the most expensive way you could choose to attend. If you were careful enough to get involved, you would have found that there were many free passes available. For example, Lululemon had 4 passes stashed at the NudeFood booth all weekend. We shouted it out over social media everywhere, but they only got used once. In addition, there was a free community class every day, free music all day, free snacks, goodies and giveaways all day every day… I'm sorry, but your statement reflects a tiny sliver of reality which is shaped by your internal attitude. I wish you would have joined the rest of us for this joyous celebration.

  5. John says:

    From Hanuman Festivals registration terms and conditions-

    Refund & Exchange Policy: All sales are final with no refunds or exchanges. Hanuman Festival will take place rain or shine. All advertised instructors and artists have confirmed their appearance at Hanuman Festival. Acts and schedules are subject to change without notice.

    And they mean it, my son went to the hospital right before I was to fly out and of course I couldn't go. Seemed worth it to send an email and see if they might help me a little. My email was polite and allowed that I had read the policy. I didn't even get a response.