June 7, 2012

I Fall Off the Yoga Wagon, and I Get Back On. ~ Jacki Carr

Photo: Kara Allyson

Have you ever completed a 30 day yoga challenge?

I recently completed the full 30 a month and a half ago and was so completely and utterly committed that I felt my body open, my heart open and my practice evolve. I made time in each day for yoga and for myself. I rejoiced in new teachers, new styles and as the days stacked up, I began to see myself commit more openly and more truly to other areas beyond yoga.

At the end of 30 days, I celebrated and rejoiced. I was secretly very proud of myself and was ready to hop into my next 30 day challenge. Yet at that point in time, I could not find the next adventure. So, I completely fell off the commitment wagon. I flounced in and out of yoga classes, a couple jogs with the dog here and there.

And then, I felt the erratic-ness that was my health life begin to ebb and flow into my life life.

In a recent yoga class at an attempt to jump back on the wagon, I heard crick, crack, crick. I was as tight as a brand new rubber band. Where had my flexibility gone? Hips, are you made of cement? Vashistasana, why do you hate me?

Taking time off shows in your body. And thus it showed in my commitment.

We all need a break. I get it. I took a moment on the mat to totally accept right where I was right then and there.

Tight. Beautiful. Present.

However, upon leaving class, I realized that when you commit fully to a practice, to an adventure, to a new commitment, you are in deep. You are focused. You make epic sh*t happen and you don’t let anything get in the way. You are intentional and you pay attention to your actions.

And so it is in life.

It is fine to take a breather. But for me, I get lazy.

I said it, I get lazy.

I stray too far away from what I want most and then it seems the trek back is so long and hard.

Then I remember, I always have a choice. I have the choice to re-commit and make time for what I really, really want in this life.

And then do it.

Start now.


Every day.

Take a look at where you are you in your commitments.

Accept. Commit. Create your life. Repeat

Jacki Carr is a yogi, runner, goal coach, writer, “possibilitarian”, adventure-seeker and life lover. Seen Vespa scootering through the streets of Venice, CA, she lives a full life by the Pacific Ocean. When not playing on the lululemon athletica playground that is her #joblove, Jacki is sharing adventures on her blog about gnarly life lessons on and off the yoga mat, an awakened reality in the beauty of vulnerability, and the real deal about gratitude. An ultimate goal is to inspire all beings to embrace balance, be present and live a most passionate “rock-your-wildest-dreams-light-it-up” life. We really only have one, so why not make it an all out adventure? Check out her blog: www.adventuresforlife.wordpress.com. Follow her on twitter: @jackicarr.



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