Health Warning:Toxic Emotions Can Seriously Damage Your Health—Eight Ways to Heal Your Green-Eyed Monster.

Via Indra Singh
on Jul 31, 2012
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The true nature of our being is one of happiness and bliss.

Being happy within our own true nature and finding contentment with who we are is a natural part of humanity.

Throughout our lives—through conditioning and learned behaviour—we may spend unnecessary energy and time comparing ourselves with others. Admiring what others have achieved and praising the mark they’ve stamped on the world is a radiant quality. Living in a competitive world fueled by ego doesn’t always allow such qualities to thrive.


We may call it jealousy, but a common aspect of conditioned behaviour allows us to spend a lot of our time striving to be like others or even wanting “things” that clutter our personal and mental space in hopes that by receiving we may become more prosperous and a better person for it. Our true nature knows that this cannot be further from the truth.


Jealousy is nothing but discontentment with the self. The word jealousy stems from the Greek word meaning “yeast or being rotten.” It’s a wasted and toxic emotion that eats away at our true nature. In certain situations it may stem from comparing ourselves with others and unfortunately conditioning has taught us to compare ourselves, forcing us to believe that there’s always somebody better and more superior than us. Comparing can easily become habitual but when it’s dropped jealousy disappears and space for positive feelings and emotions can be honored and nurtured. Everybody and everything is unique and incomparable. Recognise that you are yourself, nobody has ever been like you and you need not be like any other.

Bring Back the Balance—Eight Ways to be You

  1. Allow yourself to be you and allow your own juices to flow. Allow your own true nature to blossom. Drop comparing to others and jealousies will disappear. Spend time with yourself, meditating and looking within.
  2. Be yourself. Stop filtering your natural individuality and be comfortable within your own skin. Don’t give yourself any reason to be ashamed or embarrassed as these negative habits are the biggest obstacles to achieving your individuality.
  3. Simply do things you enjoy doing.
  4. Set goals for yourself, particularly goals that can contribute something new and different to the world.
  5. Learn to face and overcome criticism. People love to criticise especially if they don’t feel confident in themselves. If you’re paving a new road for yourself it’s common to encounter naysayers. Get used to it.
  6. Be original and put your own twist and slant on everything that you do, be individual. Don’t follow what the media and magazine articles tell you. Live from your heart instead of following the latest trends.
  7. Love yourself and others, celebrate who you are and be proud of your existence. There will only ever be one of you so fulfill your potential.
  8. Be proud of minor improvements and what you may call a mistake is a lesson learned and can only strengthen your being. So walk in the knowledge that who you are is just as good, if not better than the person you envision yourself to be.

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About Indra Singh

Indra Singh loves to write anything from Yoga Articles to Creative Writing works. She is a full time mother and works predominantly in the world of addiction therapy, helping individuals with their journey through recovery by assisting them with Yoga techniques to help support their daily lives. She runs general classes and workshops too and is an experienced Children's Yoga teacher. She's studied Aura Soma, reflexology, aromatherapy and is heavily into flower essences and vibrational healing. She also loves to knit. For more about Indra, visit her website, Facebook or Twitter.


11 Responses to “Health Warning:Toxic Emotions Can Seriously Damage Your Health—Eight Ways to Heal Your Green-Eyed Monster.”

  1. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Love.


  2. indra says:

    Thank you Mamaste. Sometimes we are so cautious about the foods we eat but often forget about the emotions we hold so here's just a quick reminder.

  3. Tracy says:

    Beautifully and graciously expressed. I was drafting an article on jealousy this week, but held back, because it was not nearly as gracious as what you produced. What an important, and carefully expressed lesson. Thank you!

  4. indra says:

    Tracy, thank you. I guess it's not an easy one to express because people have different views on what jealousy is about. Keeping it brief and to the point is best in my eyes. its so easy to get caught up in rambling when it comes to negative emotions. Don't let it stop you expressing yourself, i'd like to read your views. Bless you

  5. tomgrasso says:

    Just posted on Elephant Journal Main Page (Facebook). Awesome! 🙂

  6. Manuel Lucero says:

    This is fantastic, physical therapist mentioned this “emotions idea” ins session

  7. indra says:

    Thank you tomgrasso for your support and manuel thank you for the comment. Yes, all our emotions effect us in so many different ways we often forget. I'm glad the therapist mentions them, times are moving on and we are looking deeper.

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