July 28, 2012

I am a Full Woman & so are You. {Video} ~ Linda Wolf


Everything about you is beautiful.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, you are a goddess.

Everything about you (yes, you) is nothing short of a miracle.

The wisdom that your heart holds connects you to every woman that has ever come before you—and to all of those that will follow in your footsteps.

You will, undoubtedly, have days that fill you with fear and pain and sorrow—you will look at yourself with harsh eyes and hate the person staring back at you. You will think that you are not skinny enough or flexible enough or smart enough or pretty enough or outgoing enough…or anything enough.

You will even torture and starve yourself to strive to become someone better than who you think you should be.

You will do this again and again until one day, your heart cracks open and love beings to pour in. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you are a woman, phenomenally.

And on each step of your journey, may this be your anthem:




For over the past forty-five years, photographer Linda Wolf has lived and traveled world-wide, collecting portraits of women. Her work celebrates the inherent dignity of all women—inclusive of culture, race, color, shape, size, age, religious affiliation, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, abilities and life experience. Her images celebrate the strengths that make each woman a full woman to be valued and respected simply as women: resilience, heart, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, experience, intuition, beauty, love.

Mostly contemporary, the images were taken in China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Europe, Africa, Iran and Israel/Palestine.

Full Woman, the song that inspired this video, was graciously donated for use by the composer, Rachel Bagby.

The video was produced, directed, photographed and edited by Linda Wolf, with assistance from colleagues world-wide and sponsored by the Daughters Sisters Project—a program with the non-profit organization Teen Talking Circles—thanks to generous gifts from friends and supporters.

The mission of Teen Talking Circles is to educate, empower and inspire young women and men, foster partnership between the generations, genders and cultures and to support youth activism for a just, healthy and compassionate world.

I Am A Full Woman is decided to the girls and women of the world, to remind ourselves that we are enough. And to boys and men. May we all step into our wholeness.


Linda Wolf is a photographer, and founder of several non-profit organizations to benefit youth and women. While still a teenager, Linda became a professional photographer, working for the rock group, Fanny—and soon after, for the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour (1970). In addition to extensively photographing people from all over the world, she has created a number of public art projects, has written three books and founded Teen Talking Circles, in order to help girls and young women navigate their teen years. Linda is madly in love with her two daughters, Heather and Genevieve, her husband, Eric and her organic vegetable garden.



Editor: Bryonie Wise

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