July 31, 2012

“In any disagreement the one who shouts first is the one who loses.”

The Tao of How to Accept Anger with Minimal Drama.

Or, the Yoga of Conquering Anger: Breathe Through The Hot Moment.

Anger’s tough stuff not to react to, and easy to make worse by doing so. Here’s a lesson in how to handle disagreement: How to take a Drink to the Face, with Will McAvoy of The Newsroom.


How to Take a Drink in the Face (with Jeff Daniels)

Step One: Just let it happen
Resist the unseemly urge to duck or dodge – or worse – throw your hands up to cover your eyes or ears. Relax. Your eyes will close naturally in plenty of time, and your ears are well outside the line of fire anyway. The essence of cool is being unflappable. So don’t flap.

Step Two: Take it all in
This may seem counterintuitive, but bear with us: Part your lips slightly, and tilt your head backward a bit to retain an ample serving of the offending liquid. “We’re going to need that later,” Daniels explains.

Step Three: Embrace the drip
Once the drink has been dispensed and there’s no going back, stifle the understandable, if mistaken, instinct to react. Daniels advises against an emotional outburst, or “squealing… or going ‘Why’d you do that?'” Remember that in any disagreement the one who shouts first is the one who loses. “A man doesn’t react,” Daniels says. “Let the liquid drip as if this happens every day.”

Step Four: Return to sender
Contrary to popular wisdom, the best defense isn’t a great offense: It’s disdain…for the rest, click here.


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