August 31, 2012

In order to have the best Dance Party in the Wooooorld all you have to do is DANCE DANCE DANCE…

 Best College Dance Song Ever of the Year. {Sir Raven Bowie < Macklemore / Ryan Lewis: AND WE DANCED}

And we Danced!

(I need a bigger font)

Remember this moment for the rest of our lives tonight tonight tonight ’cause tonight’s the night the night amirite?!

Quite cockblocking we’re having a hoedown.

Not politically-correct enough? This isn’t either, but will give you an idea of where Macklemore is coming from.

^ here’s to MJ ^

I’m calling it: the next great dance song in college campuses everywhere.

Okay, I’m calling it a little late—it’s a year plus old and at 2 million views—but this thing is just getting started.

The message: get your cool “off”—is a Buddhist one, you could say. Don’t be cool. Dance like no one’s watching. Be wild, be yourself, be anybody, just be fully—

For more on the message, watch the second video. It’s good one. Breathe. Heart, and Dance, vs. Ego.

And Dance! It’s the secret to every great party.


ITUNES LINK: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-unplanned-mixtape/id350890246

Directed By: Griff J, Ryan Lewis
Assistant Director: Johnny Valencia
Producer: Tricia Davis
Production Assistants: Zach Quillen, Christine Geronimo, Karsten McIntosh
Dance Choreographer: Anna Matuszewski
Management: Zach Quillen
Legal: Ed Pierson, Natalia Nastaskin
Hair and Makeup: Lauren Grinnell
Club Lighting: Josh Hamon at Hollywood Lights
Sequin Catsuit Designed By: Andru Chrisst
Special thanks to Amir Azer at iMusic for letting us use the club. iMusicSeattle.com

Ben Haggerty — Raven Bowie
Tim Haggerty — Ziggy Starrdust
Ryan Lewis — Ron Cougar Mellondance
Noah Goldberg — Wingbat

To all the dance crews, extra’s, house partiers, hot tubbers, horses, limo drivers,  and EVERYBODY that gave their time, energy and love to this video, we are extremely grateful for your contributions.  This video wouldn’t have been possible without your help and love.  We appreciate you.  Hella.

Music Produced By: Ryan Lewis, Noah Goldberg. Ben Haggerty
Additional Vocals: Tim Haggerty

Special thanks to:
B-Boy and Soul Gorilla for facilitating the connection.
Amir Zahed for helping with locations.
Jeremiah Gregg for the true Central Washington experience.
Caroline Kelly and Anupreet Singh for letting us use their home.
The Macklorettes for all of their amazing talent and hard work.
Meli Darby and The Crocodile
The family that let us borrow the Horses
Jason Koenig for color help
Tricia Davis for going above and beyond

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Read 1 comment and reply

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