How Sadie Nardini Helped This Cancer Patient.

Via Yulady Saluti
on Aug 1, 2012
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 Cancer update!

Sadie Nardini has made my cancer more bearable, with her infinite knowledge of anatomy and breath. I am and will always be forever grateful for her wisdom and help. This impact coming from someone who has known me for less than six months.



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About Yulady Saluti

Yulady Saluti never stops moving. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor who has appeared in DVDs with Tara Stiles and Deepak Chopra. She has rocked her yoga on television with Sadie Nardini, teaches at four different yoga studios, and is doing all this while taking care of six kids and a devoted husband. After battling and overcoming a serious colon rectal medical condition, which required she live with a colostomy for four years, Yulady dove head first into a new, healthy life filled with yoga and studies in Ayurveda. It was only three years into her practice (and during her 20th surgery related to her former illness) that her doctors discovered that she had Stage 2 breast cancer at the age of thirty-two. Yulady is documenting her journey as a mommy-yogi-with-cancer on her Youtube channel: She plans to return to a full teaching schedule after treatment in New Jersey at Powerflow Yoga, Onyx Mind Body, Poe Yoga, and Inferno Hot Yoga. You can also follow her always uplifting tweets @yogalody.


15 Responses to “How Sadie Nardini Helped This Cancer Patient.”

  1. marionetteafils says:

    <3 to you. I'm glad to hear you are so supported. ~ Nancy

  2. runyogabeer says:

    I love your smiles, laughs and energy. Yulady you are rocking this cancer. And I love your kids are wilding in the background….just like at my house!

  3. yulady says:

    you know it!!! never a dull moment… hehehehe thank you for following my journey

  4. brianwilliamsyoga says:

    Yulady, so much love is evident in your video. You obviously have so much great support and love in your life. Sending good thoughts, wishes, and prayers your way. I'm proud of what you're doing, and feel lucky to know you, even through the internet.

  5. emilyalp says:

    Absolutely beautiful–thank you for your update, for sharing your experience and inspiring us with your strength!

  6. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Main Page.

    Love and peace to you my friends….all of you. The love keeps flowing.


  7. vanessa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. My mother is going into surgery today for stage IV ovarian cancer after an unsuccessful chemo round. I'd love to share any powerful breathing techniques with her if you're comfortable sharing links or suggestions. Sending love and strength.

  8. @Yogalody says:

    oh Vanessa best of luck to you and your mom, sending you positive vibes
    here is a link to Sadie's channel check her out

  9. You two together are so adorable and inspiring and courageous. Love watching your videos and hope the best for you both. xo

  10. stensgaard says:

    I admire you…Stay positive.Hugs

  11. HEATHER says:

    You are just too beautiful. I was in India and watched this. I have been reading your other posts too.

    You are BLESSED and keep charming the hell our of your life, your husband, your kids and your world!!!
    Cool pic by the way…I have a t-shirt with something similar and iI wear it with pride.

    Because I may not have cancer but have survived other bumps on the road…like many others too:-)

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