August 29, 2012

Raging with Prince Harry.

This is #24 of 108 Ways to Livin’ the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time.

#24 of 108: Before Raging in Vegas, Try the Piñata

At some point this weekend, Prince Harry is headed for a conversation with his father about his recent exploits in Sin City. I know what you must be thinking and I agree: how Harry is going to justify his choice of hotels, The MGM, over some of the gleaming jewels on The Strip is beyond me. But the press, especially in Britain, has been mostly glowing about Harry’s courageous blaze through the desert.

The Daily Mail told readers: “Why everyone—royals included—should visit silly Sin City at least once.”

Another newspaper offered a guide to “Las Vegas: where to party like Prince Harry.”

VegasInc.com said: “Your pool-party shenanigans fell squarely into the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s marketing strategy to attract attention to the place that regularly celebrates your kind of fun.”

Clearly, Harry wanted some attention.

God knows there’s a person in you who can relate, who wants say, “eff you” to some authority figure or family member in your life.

And y’know, sometimes we all need to let loose.

Or we become subverted freaks and our bodies turn into a slow burning conflagration of rage…and that’s when sickness happens.

Clearly, a naked bender in Vegas is never a healthy, wholesome idea.

So if you are needing to let loose, here are three tips on releasing unhealthy emotions in a more dignified style:

1. The Piñata

When is the last time you took a whack at a piñata? It’s cathartic to let ‘er rip and then indulge in a lollipop rainstorm. Plus, piñatas with gluten-free candy are now available in bulk at Costco.


2. The Clearing

One very famous yoga teacher told me that every night before she goes to sleep, she and her husband clear any thoughts of the angry, racy, lustful, resentful variety.

Try it. Make time for a daily clearing, because the weekly clearing can be ugly, the monthly clearing can be dangerous, and the annual clearing…see picture.

3. A Disney Song

Sometimes when I get really mad or frustrated, I listen to the Aladdin theme song “I Can Show You the World.


Greek tragedian Euripides said, “The fiercest anger of all, the most incurable, is that which rages in the place of dearest love.”

Point being, emotions are beyond understanding. Don’t even try to apply ration to what you are feeling or you will go insane.

Just take small daily actions so you can avoid the big yearly ones.


What the Heck is a Momenteer?

If you can relate to feeling frustrated, like you are not moving forward, like you have gone rogue…

get a hold of yourself.

Everyone has their particular grind, but only some choose to enjoy the journey.

While the giant leap forward may or may not come today or tomorrow, every single day is an opportunity to celebrate life.

I invite you to become what I call a Momenteer, and take back your life one beautiful, funny, delicious moment at a time.

To find out how you can become a Momenteer, email [email protected] write, “Momenteer!” in the subject.

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