August 27, 2012

Toxic Fanaticism. ~ Stuart Watkins

Any technique, any method, any exercise, any belief system, any goal, anything can potentially become a trap.

What I’m talking about here is that for true liberation and unfoldment of our being, we might utilize and appreciate certain methods and tools that resonate with us—but not don’t cling to them—while at the same time holding a space of deep respect and authentic listening to others and their methods.

It can be very challenging when people we deeply care about are on a journey we may not agree with. Many of us when we’re in this situation—especially when we feel we’ve found a method or practice that has helped us immensely—preach and push stuff onto them.

Often this gets both people more contracted than before, and doesn’t actually help anyone out.

For us to truly be of spiritual value to the world and to our families we must do our own inner work in the ways that work for us, and let others find their way. And you know what? When others can feel that you’re truly a balanced being they’ll most likely start to ask you empowering questions. That inner balance has such a high electro-magnetic frequency that others can feel, even if they’re not aware of it.

Any kind of fanaticism (even towards something super healthy) without an open mind, and without inner balance can be just as toxic as any other addiction.

Even something such as veganism, or vegetarianism, or any kind of ‘ism’ when one integrates it into ones life without having compassionate understanding for non-vegans or ‘non my belief system’ it can be just as imprisoning as any dogmatic belief system.

Everyone is unique in so many ways, so we must listen to our intuition to find path’s that resonates with our heart.

Something that works for us obviously may not work for someone else, so for one to go around saying, “This is the only way to do it,” or “I’m right, you’re wrong,” is still in a thick war mentality. One might be on a certain path, and through intuition might choose another completely different path to go on, or maybe even several path’s at the same time. One might be done with a certain method or path. No big deal.

We don’t have to judge the method or the teacher.You just know in your heart that you don’t need to do any work there right now.

If we’re bringing a beautiful belief system or practice into our life, yet are getting neurotic, up tight and judgmental about others and their different life choices, we’re still in that toxic war mentality. For humanity to evolve collectively we have to be completely honest with ourselves.

If there is any war within us and any war we’re putting out into the world, no matter how petty and small it may be, how can we expect the world to free of war and full of peace?

We have to be able go there within ourselves (no matter how uncomfortable it can feel) to cleanse out the garbage so we can truly be loving, compassionate, and empowered beings.


Stuart Watkins is a yoga teacher, holistic life coach, and health and wellness expert based in Perth, Western Australia. Stuart is known for his inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both eastern spiritual philosophy and western techniques for mental, physical, and spiritual transformation. He teaches and writes with raw yet compassionate honesty and is a constant student to life itself. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


Editor: Carolyn Gilligan


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Read 9 comments and reply

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