September 12, 2012

5 Ways to Lose Weight (& Keep it off) & How Growth Hormone Can Change Your Life.

I believe that within almost everyone’s grasp are the tools for weight loss.

Healthy habits define wellness, and for some, all that is lacking, is a kick-start, or what I call a taste of explosive living. If you’re living explosively, you’ll know what I mean, and you’ll probably also know about growth hormone and be involved in some form of resistance training.

The great news is that the latest research coming out is showing that we are not victims of our genetics.

Losing weight and keeping it off is all about healthy habits.

The fact that your genetic makeup may predispose your body to put on excess weight does not mean you’re destined to be obese. We are not slaves to our genes!

Your habits alter the genetic expression of your genes. You are in charge. There is no “quick fix” solution. Those who lose weight and keep it off maintain a healthy lifestyle and form permanent habits of staying active and eating healthily.

There are consequences to be aware of. Once you’ve been obese, you will not be able to return to the number of calories that a normal person of your size should eat unless you’re particularly active. This is particularly true of childhood obesity, which changes your genetic predisposition.

Much like a recovering alcoholic who avoids alcohol, someone who has suffered from obesity, is advised to avoid sugar and other junk foods.

Whatever your history, it’s your habits that make all the difference. Yet, there is one secret to improving conditioning, kick starting your metabolism and promoting energy and longevity (for all).

Who wants to look and feel great, improve their sex life, live longer and thrive?

The secret is resistance training!


Resistance training (weights, resistance machines, climbing stairs, kayaking/rowing, swimming, boxing, etc.) is the most effective way to increase metabolism, as it not only burns fat; it also increases the production of growth hormone.

Why you really need to know about growth hormone:

>> Growth hormone has an anabolic action in the body. It builds bone, muscle, breaks down fat, improves protein building, stimulates the growth of organs, stimulates the immune system, helps maintain the pancreas.

>> Growth hormone even promotes the generation of glucose for energy.

>> Growth hormone is boosted via intensely exercising fast-twitch muscles for brief periods of 10–30 seconds. Cardio, aerobics and even many strength training exercises do not increase growth hormone, thus minimizing their efficacy for weight-loss.

>> For growth hormone to be activated, you need to work out intensely, and sweat profusely!

Five Dynamic Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off:

1. Start a resistance training program.

Explosive Training is the way to explosive living.

Up your metabolism, burn fat and increase growth hormone. The results will astonish you.

In my own experience, I’ve found that with any new fitness regime, there is a hurdle to climb initially. Once you get over the hill, then your stamina and endurance will significantly improve. Your body will start craving exercise. Soon, your basic conditioning will keep you feeling great, and the added benefit of kick-starting growth hormone and your metabolism has far-reaching health benefits.

Be mindful of needing to explode your muscles into action. Explosive movement is what activates growth hormone. That’s why sprinters look so muscular (versus marathon runners).

Explode into action. And don’t be shy of a good sweat!

Bringing passion to your workouts will reap benefits you never imagined from upping your sex drive, self-esteem and confidence, to burning fat and looking hot and sexy!

2. Improve the quality of the food you eat.

It’s not as simple as just calories in/calories out. It’s the quality of calories that counts.

I teach three really simple principles to get this right:

>> Organic.

>> Raw.

>> Alkaline.

3. Avoid bad fats and get plenty of good fats!

It’s important to develop an understanding of good fats versus bad fats. Good fats are found in Paleolithic sources like raw nuts, organic greens, wild animals, wild fish (not farmed) and raw seeds (hemp, chia seed and flaxseed are my favorites). These are nature’s favorite snacks, so keep a supply at hand wherever you go.

4. Avoid all sugar

Sugar addiction is another that can easily lead to yo-yo dieting, so avoid the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, and other hidden sugars.

5. Up your activity levels outside of dedicated training times.

You may want to run instead of walk to the gym, go for a walk whilst catching up on phone calls, stand instead of sit on the train, learn some sexual gymnastics, activate your core and pelvic floor muscles when waiting in lines, use TV commercial breaks to fit in your ab routine. There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of.



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