September 12, 2012

Pulp Fiction Cucumbers. ~ Michelle Langton

What do You do with the Pulp after Juicing?

A really refreshing juice is anything containing cucumber. It cleans your mouth and cools every part of your body and is over 95 percent water, so it keeps the body hydrated while flushing toxins from the skin. Cucumbers have elements connected to reducing breast, prostate and ovarian cancer, and can also regulate blood pressure and aid digestion. Cucumbers also promote joint health and relieve arthritis pain by lowering the uric acid levels. Because of its low calorie/high water content, the cucumber is ideal for those looking for weight loss.

Try this refreshing recipe to get some of these cool as cucumber benefits:

1 cucumber

1 green apple

4 stalks celery

Fresh mint leaves

Juice up, and drink within 20 minutes to ensure you are receiving the amazing benefits of the live enzymes essential to the digestive process. Enzymes are proteins that break down foods into nutrients your body can readily digest. When you eat, your body releases digestive enzymes from your saliva glands sending signals to the stomach and small intestine to prepare for digestion, and to release further enzymes. Metabolic enzymes speed up the chemical reaction within the cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think. Every organ, every tissue, and all 100 trillion cells in our body depend upon the reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor. The liver can store everything it doesn’t use or need for that rainy day when your immune system is low.

What’s more, you don’t have to waste your pulp! You can make some pretty amazing ice cubes that have a cool refreshing taste, stacked with fiber! Simply collect your pulp, and load an ice cube tray with water, freeze up and then add to a refreshing glass of water, or simply suck on one when you need that clean feeling in your mouth.

Staying hydrated throughout the day with plenty of fresh water is essential to your health; it will keep skin young and keep elimination moving. Drinking around eight to 10 glasses per day is recommended. Remember caffeine is a diuretic and so you will actually lose more water, so you’ll need to consume even more fresh water to stay topped up after your morning cup of coffee.

Try out the pulp ice cubes, enjoy juicing and share any new ideas for Pulp Fiction or juicing ideas here!


Michelle Langton is a Registered Yoga Teacher who’s volunteering for Yoga Outreach, providing yoga and complimentary holistic services to positively augment women’s recovery. She is a self confessed cake loving Registered Holistic Nutritionist, who also studies holistic bodyworks. Her passion is learning how we can heal our bodies through food, touch, yoga, laughter and love. Sometimes she doesn’t shower or brush her hair every day and she secretly likes how her armpits smell. She likes to sing out really loud in the shower with a rock voice. She misses home, but she’s glad to be away from it. She’s scared and excited all at once about life. Sometimes when she does yoga she wishes she could be stronger. Sometimes when she meditates she thinks about boys. She’s fearless for adventure. She’s passionate about love. Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind! You can read The Raw Yogini blog here.

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