The Death of Indie Media: Facebook wants me to pay so you can see this. {VIDEO}

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Sep 27, 2012
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I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

It’s great!

(And it sucks.)

Keeping in touch with friends, networking, sharing my writing…Awesome.

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Constant privacy invasion “upgrades” and changes to who can view what I post? Not awesome at all.

Lots of blogging and indie media sites are paying to advertise so that their posts that we Facebookers have chosen to like will still show up in their timelines. Okay, so advertising is nothing new, right? No big deal.

Except you have already decided that you want to see elephant journal posts, and Facebook has said, sorry, not good enough. If you want your stuff to show up for these folks, they either need to interact with you constantly, or you have to pay up.

So, what once was a huge boon to small businesses and indie media is now just another big corporate money-sucking machine.

If you believe in supporting small businesses with your dollars, here’s a way you can help them out for free:

If you love elephant, love the small businesses and media outlets that you “like” on Facebook, make a point of commenting or sharing one thing they post a week and keep them in your newsfeed by adding them to an interest list:


Oh and since I promised you a video:


Enjoy! And if you “like” it, share it.


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12 Responses to “The Death of Indie Media: Facebook wants me to pay so you can see this. {VIDEO}”

  1. Bravo, Kate! Early on, my biz actually paid facebook to advertise for new followers. And now they're asking me to pay again so my posts show up in the fans' news feeds. Double dipping isn't fair.

    Boo facebook. And yay facebook for this amazing tool. Hopefully they'll rethink this strategy.

  2. Agreed. Greed being the key word there…yuck. I'm all for everyone succeeding and enjoying wealth/abundance/prosperity. I don't like when people undercut small businesses by taking away the grassroots business methods that help us stay afloat.

  3. cecilia says:

    Elephant found its market through FB I’ll bet but now is hidden from many of my friend’s newsfeeds due to massive overposts and annoying promotion of the founder’s ego. Great content but poor catalog organization is my beef. I will subscribe when site isn’t such a 2000s-tech era mess. Hope you can invest to make it better. I know you’ve got it in you.

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  5. I am no longer on facebook because I no longer agree with it and will not give it my busines. No amount of peer pressure has brought me back. I'm much happier and feel like I have my life back. I wish I could help you by posting on facebook but I can still help the old fashioned ways.

  6. sophie says:

    Completely agree. Every now and then I have ‘leaving facebook’ fantasies. The ads are starting to get on my nerves. they don’t even target properly.vI had a Jaguar UK ad on my phone timeline today. I can’t even drive, and hate sports car. I somehow prefer their usual cleaning your aura and unblock your chakras ads.

  7. el carg says:

    Good article, Kate.

    Here is a good article on what is happening in the new model. Way to stand up to FB, but for many in the world it is the entry point to being online, the preferred email/chat/probably video chat soon, photo sharing, music sharing, media sharing, political and pop culture discourse, — well you get it..

    New models will evolve, but will they have a FB type of adoption rate?

    John Cargile

  8. Ha! Agreed…if I didn't use it for networking/work, I'd get rid of it in a heartbeat.

  9. You're right, John. It is the entry point for sooo many things these days. Thanks for the article.

  10. Love it! And the old-fashioned ways still work with new media. xo

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