September 17, 2012

Where can I buy some Fair-trade Cocaine?

Last year, you looked great. This year, not so much.

Boulder’s all about supporting local, organic, fair-trade and fair labor. Well, half of Boulder. The other half…

I have a few questions for the half of Boulder, including many friends of my friends, who seem to do coke on a regular basis:

1. I’ve been broke all my life. Many of us have. How does it feel to blow wads of cash on blow, instead of, say, on groceries or giving to a worth non-profit or cause?

2. How does it feel to snort blood up your nose? ‘Cause that’s what you’re doing: coke isn’t white: it’s stuffed up people’s asses, it’s the direct cause of gangs, gang warfare, civilian and child murders, it’s destroyed lives and communities, it’s used as a tool for exploitation and it, too often, destroys beautiful people’s erstwhile beautiful lives.

3. You know you looked wonderful last year. This year…not so much. Yah, you.

4. Look, I’m all for legalization, generally. To each his own, as long as we aren’t hurting anyone. But coke hurts everyone it touches. Is it possible, at the least, to source it from a happy farm somewhere? I mean, pot by comparison is incredibly healthy and non-society non-life destroying, and those I know involved in the trade are still beset by douchery, threats, break-ins. Yes, much of that would go away if we treated pot like alcohol, legally, and again I’m generally for that.

But on a basic, immediate level, how can we support something that is causing suffering?

Real question—I’m ignorant, curious, and wondering how the hell this community of ours supports so much casual drug use.

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