21st Century Yoga: An Interview With Carol Horton & Roseanne Harvey.

Via Where Is My Guru
on Oct 16, 2012
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“We believe that it is valuable to look at yoga in North American today because we find that a lot of writing on yoga traditionally looks back to the past.”  ~Carol Horton

Written by experienced practitioners who are also teachers, therapists, activists, scholars, studio owners, and interfaith ministers, 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics & Practice is one of the first books to provide a multi-faceted examination of yoga as it actually exists in contemporary North America. Making news around the yoga community, this new book of essays from yogis all across the continent is certainly a must for your Fall reading list—and you can participate in a virtual book club, sparking intelligent conversation around it’s contents, right here on elephant journal.

We were thrilled to welcome the brains & editors behind this groundbreaking new book Roseanne Harvey of itsallyogababy.com and Carol Horton, PhD to our show. Roseanne and Carol talked with enthusiasm about 21st Century Yoga, and as our host, Jessica, mentioned: this is only the beginning of the conversation!

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5 Responses to “21st Century Yoga: An Interview With Carol Horton & Roseanne Harvey.”

  1. Where is My Guru is so honored to be a part of the conversation around 21st Century Yoga. Excited about all of their upcoming interviews with the authors in their Guru Expert Series.

  2. Rogelio says:

    Without the fundamental philosophy of yoga written by sage patanjali
    Yoga would be not yoga but some other form of exercise or dance or sport.
    Call it something else but leave yoga to its traditional roots.
    It’s not for those fun seeking quick and easy fix types.
    It’s hard work it takes discipline and dedication over a lifetime
    Look at bks Iyengar and patabji joyse. They both dedicated their whole life to

  3. […] Roseanne was characteristically enthusiastic—“yes yes yes!” she shot back—and 21st Century Yoga was born. (Note: To learn more about the backstory to the book, listen to Jessica Durivage’s interview with me and Roseanne on Where is My Guru.) […]

  4. […] Carol Horton and Roseanne Harvey on the backstory to the book (broadcast 10/5); […]