October 19, 2012

How to Turn the Bad into the Good. ~ Sufey Suryanandi

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The sun shines on everyone and the rain falls on all of us, too.

There will always be days that are cold and gray. There will always be obstacles, worries and fears.

But how we choose to interpret our world is entirely in our hands. Thunder and lightning don’t judge you. They just do their job. You can fear them, hide away and scowl darkly as the clouds…or you can have a cup of hot cocoa and dance wildly in the rain!

So for those gloomy, doomy days…

1. Go back to gratitude. No matter how badly things are going, we usually still have it pretty good. I like to remind myself that I’m pretty darn lucky to be breathing. I drop everything else and indulge in a big, juicy breath of air. Maybe a few more. Ahh.

Divert your attention to something to be grateful for: sunshine, functioning lungs, freedom of speech, shavasana, pianos, coconuts, happy babies—whatever you enjoy is fine. Just de-prioritize the pain for a moment. Think of something nice.

2. Detach and surrender. Don’t take anything personally. If somebody lashes out at you, it speaks more about who they are than you. Accept their emotions with compassion. Nobody has the power to make you miserable.

If it’s just a series of unfortunate circumstances, realize that it probably won’t matter in a week, a month or a year—so why let it bother you now?

So you had a flat tire and missed an important meeting. So someone spilt coffee over your brand new white shirt. So your lover left you. So you sliced open your finger and you’re bleeding all over the new carpet.

Just breathe. Let it go. Cry if you want to. Maybe call an ambulance. It’s no biggie. You’re still a good person, even if you’re late, dirty, heartbroken and missing a finger. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

3. Learn the lesson. If you live with constant appreciation for all, bad days are rare. If something is consistently negative, it’s time for change. Self-reflect. Make goals. Baby steps rock.

If you’re late, do something to be on time. Set your clock ahead. If you’re too busy and overwhelmed, cut something out. Learn to say no. If your relationships with others are in turmoil, analyze the problem in a positive manner. Instead of “I should have” try “what will I do better next time?”

Prioritize your wellbeing. Write it down.

Be aware of the energy you put out into the world. The people around you are a reflection of who you are, so choose your surroundings wisely. Be kind. Be honest. If you screw up, apologize. Learn. Move on.

4. Embrace opportunities. Bad things happen to good people for good reasons. Take them as a chance to spice up your routine, see from a new perspective or grow into someone even better than your already awesome self.

I really did slice my finger to the bone this week. It was scary and painful and I was frustrated that I couldn’t do my regular asana practice. But I realized it was a sign to rest more, so I spent the extra time in meditation, pranayama, napping and reading “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. I gave thanks for the healing process. It was blissful.

Think of every experience as a wonderful challenge on this epic adventure of life. Own it, baby. Remember, you’re never given more than you can handle. So if it was a tough week, the universe must think you’re pretty badass, and I think you’re pretty badass, too. Keep on rockin’ this world.

Sufey is one happy little yogini. She’s very grateful for sunshine, coconuts, baby brothers and daily blessings from the universe. She would love to connect with you on her website, Facebook or Twitter. Om shanti!


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