Jon Stewart on Romney’s Bad Bain Business Sense: 22% vs. 8% for Obama & Green Jobs.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 26, 2012
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Picking Winners & Losers – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 8% of green companies that received stimulus money went bankrupt, 22% of companies Bain invested in while Romney was in charge went bankrupt.

And, remember, the Wall Street Journal, owned by Murdoch, is now partisanly conservative (as opposed to a few years ago, when it was truly, fairly conservative). Other sources say Bain’s failure rate was 30%:

Picking Winners & Losers
At Bain Capital, former top-notch venture capitalist Mitt Romney could pick investment failures better than the federal government.


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7 Responses to “Jon Stewart on Romney’s Bad Bain Business Sense: 22% vs. 8% for Obama & Green Jobs.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Judit Maull Bain Capital didn't lose tax payer money. A little different. 8% of 51 billion is a lot of money. You sure about that, Judit? Who pays unemployment for the 1,000s of employees laid off at dozens of firms? Where will independent energy, free of terrorism and pollution, come from if we don't look to the future and win it? Also: "When Bain bankrupts a company and abandons a pension fund, the pension payouts are covered by the PBGC, who gets the money from other pension plans insurance premiums, so essentially again the cost is externalized to everyone else." Again, if those companies succeed we get low, clean, domestic energy prices and jobs now for clean, independent energy. There's literally nothing more bipartisan than freeing ourselves of dirty energy from the middle east, or ending oil spills which harm fishing and tourism and the health of our children. And again, as Jon Stewart points out, the GOP gambles (and loses) with our money just as much, if not far more—the economy up by 300% under democratic presidents, the Dow up 67% under Obama, fifth best ever.

    Finally, the total losses were something like $10 billion out of 90 billion…not even close to liar Romney's 50%.

  2. Michael says:

    there's no such thing as tax payer's money. it's all banks' money. all of it. you are borrowing from the banks. hence the banks effectively decide who gets the money…which is buy both candidates have been supported by Goldman Sachs…

    Stewart is still funny after all these years.

  3. cit1 says:

    I hate Romney and Bain capital as much as the next Obama lover, but the clip here compared Obama's success rate based on three years and Bain Capital's on eight.

    I really really really don't like Romney or any of his plans, but it's not fair to compare numbers when the variables don't match up. Five years is a long time when it comes to businesses, especially ones that are seeking funding and are relatively volatile.

    With that said, I'm not a big ran of Stewart, I always feel like he thinks his audience is a bunch of idiots.

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  5. Brian Corral says:

    Bains purchases/support was insured with government money. This is one of the tactics they used to insure that they made money even when a company they supported failed. So yes "government money" was lost.

  6. jeweler says:

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  7. YogaGreen says:

    Thanks Obama! In my opinion Obamee think more green than Romney, Obama is thinking about the future other than Ronney, living green is the future 🙂