October 16, 2012

Why Life is So Difficult Today (& Mankind is Such a Mess).

You are pure consciousness. Perfect, sacred, divine. This is the essence of your being and it is the essence of all being.

Whether the being of a stone, stream, star, or an animal, all is consciousness. The universe itself is built with building blocks of consciousness but no microscope will ever be strong enough to see it.

It can only be felt.

Our ancient ancestors felt it. That is why they said that stones and streams and stars had their own spirits. They felt the spirits of the stars through the core of their own being, their own spirit, and they gave the stars names.

We have become separated from our own spirit.

Photograph: ‘Eight-Tear-Year-Old Woman’ – www.paulprescott.com

We have become separated from our own spirit. And so we no longer feel the spirit of the world around us, even though that is why we are here—in this body, on this earth, at this time. We are here to experience relationship. To know the spirit of the world around us through our own sense of being. That is the purpose of this life, truly. To Be, but to Be in relationship to the world around.

A few choose the path of renunciation (renouncing worldly pleasure in favor of the search for enlightenment)—as did I, until I met my beautiful wife.
Some choose a life partner while others have many partners along the way.
For most of us choices include children, friendships, and professional relationships.
We also have relationships with the Earth, our animal neighbors, the stars above.

Ultimately this is the true test of our skill in life:

Are we able to truly be ourselves even whilst in relationship to others and the world around us?

It’s quite a test. Let’s be honest – most of us are failing miserably! Most of us barely manage the first part—to know ourselves deeply.

Why is this? Why is it that we feel so alone, disconnected, and lost?
Why have we been making the same mistakes—history repeating itself—again and again, generation after generation?
Why is the divorce rate higher than ever; more war than ever; more fear and stress and crisis?

The answer is very simple: trauma. Mankind experienced a very specific trauma, the trauma of separation (this is what the biblical story of the Garden of Eden is about), and since then has been stuck in the belief that we are indeed each of us separate beings. As long as we believe ourselves to be essentially alone, we have to fend for ourselves – and then fear, greed, and corruption arise.

How and when we first experienced this trauma of separation is almost impossible to say. Perhaps it coincided with the development of our highly advanced neo-cortex brain (the tree of knowledge): the part of us that is unique amongst all these species here on Earth.
As we became more ‘intelligent’, so we lost touch with our essential selves and our sacred relationship with nature. Our Egos were born in all their terrible, petty, controlling glory. We then—using our newfound intelligence—began to birth our children in unnatural ways and our sense of separation was confirmed and compounded.

But the real question is not how or why or when this happened, but:

What are we doing about it?

Positive thinking, when you have a deep subconscious fear, does nothing.
Energy healing can be a temporary ‘band-aid’, but without removing the cause, the problem persists.
The psychological approach is highly inefficient because the problem is not ‘in our heads’ – it’s here in our bodies. It’s felt as a concrete, very real, physical sense of separation. We sense that we are deeply disconnected – not only from the world around us, but—more importantly—from our own spirit.

What can we do about it?
Well, first of all, the fact that you have read this far into this article is encouraging: you are interested in your own Self. You want to know true love and be done with fear. You want to do more than just survive; you want to thrive. And you want to experience the whole of your being, not just a limited perception of it.

So please, keep reading. Keep investigating yourself. Continue to search.
But know that ultimately what separates you from the truth and freedom and love that you yearn for is just like a shadow—insubstantial. And just as easily as you walk through your shadow, so too can you let go of subconscious blockages. In my next article  I’ll explain how.

Subconscious blockages have no substance. They are not permanent, and therefore not real. They are like emotions, thoughts, feelings—they can be experienced, but they do not define you. They are not you. They seem real—but they are not.

What is real, what is permanent, is consciousness. And it’s the same consciousness that is in every living being, and every corner of the universe.


You are not alone or separate. That illusion could not be further from the truth.


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