November 2, 2012

The New York Marathon: A Challenge to the Participants. ~ April Morgan {Updated!}


{Update: NY Marathon Cancelled!}

Take that free cup of Gatorade and run it to people a few streets over who really need it.

I challenge you to put your humanity first. I challenge you to put aside your wanton need and desire to compete. I challenge you—sacrifice your marathon to show respect and compassion for people who have lost everything. I challenge you to put others before yourselves.

The marathon should be postponed. There is no question. You show indifference—even callousness—continuing with an event like this when bodies are still being pulled from the wreckage.

 There are people who will disagree with me.

To those of you who insist that the marathon goes on, despite the death and destruction left by Sandy, please put yourself in the shoes of the people who have lost their loved ones, their neighborhoods, their homes and everything they owned. They struggle to survive. People are still missing.

They cannot send their children to school. They cannot go to work. They are sitting in shelters. They don’t have electricity. Gasoline, food and water are scarce.

If the marathon is not postponed, I challenge participants to stand up for the victims of this natural disaster.

I say go to New York. Get ready to run. When that starting gun goes off, stop. Don’t race. Realize what really matters.

 Turn around. Run to Staten Island. Help people pick up their town and their lives.

Ask yourself, “How can I help?”

Take that free cup of Gatorade and run it to people a few streets over who really need it.

 Make a statement. Make a difference. Stand up for those who have been knocked down.


April McCarthy Morgan, besides far too loud and opinionated, is trying to make the world a better place and enjoy what little time she has on this beautiful planet. And she never follows rules. Email her [email protected].



         ~ Editor: Evan Livesay

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