Bows & Arrows.

Via Erin Kouvas
on Dec 11, 2012
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Go ahead, darling, show your ponies

I know that your dark horse will canter.

I may draw the curtains close

But I will certainly be waiting.

I will put the Earl Grey on,

Lace it with some honey.

Boy, won’t we have some fun

With you sitting at my pantry.

You will play the duchess

And I will play the king,

Although all of my powers are

Stolen by the neighboring kingdom.

Regardless, you wanted to soothe me

Then led me out to the firing range.

But the targets got disheveled

And you marched on to bows and arrows.

Isn’t it all just darling

What could possibly be wrong

When there are picnic blankets strewn about

And the hummingbirds sweet song?



Ed: Kate B.

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About Erin Kouvas

Erin Kouvas is a believer in magic, in love and in all things wonderful. She has a penchant for travel, writing, photography, dance, music, and yoga. She admires the sunset, a fresh flower, bravery and real people (who are often brave). She is a yoga instructor, owns and teaches out of Yoga Urth in Warren Ohio and has nothing but love for the wonderful people in her life. She is grateful. Amen. Facebook Erin


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