National Geographic’s last Instagram photo.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 18, 2012
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Nat Geo’s ballsy response to #instagram ‘s legal changes…#instablowback and updates on #elephantjournal .com front page.

Ballsy. Money. From a major, respected, photo-oriented outfit, no less.


Here’s my idea for an easy, profitable, awesome, fun fix that would benefit user and Instagram/Facebook alike.

Instagram is “listening”! Keep sharing the noise. Here’s their update.


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8 Responses to “National Geographic’s last Instagram photo.”

  1. DaveTelf says:

    Dig it.

  2. It appears from Instagram's public statements that National Geographic has bought the gossip, along with everyone else sharing the rumor.
    With that in mind, when you share any photos in social media…you have to know that advertising will be all around those photos (including advertising you may be morally opposed to). The web has changed and the rights associated with pictures is in the process of changing in realtime.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Wow, No Disclaimer, did you see my clarifying apology? Or do you just enjoy throwing rotten tomatoes from the safety of anonymity? So brave, and helpful. Deep bow.

    Again, 95% of all our coverage has been critical of John. All of mine has–but fair, too. That's what that intro was about–it was no disclaimer, but you also, to be fair, didn't see the first draft of that article, which while wonderful was pretty harsh. What's helpful here, speaking from the perspective of one who grew up in a community rocked by several such scandals, is to move beyond theism and blame and toward responsibility and independence. I don't say that lightly–I know this has been difficult and in no way give a shiite about defending anyone's mistakes, including any of my own–thus my clarifying apology, which is appears you're too busy to have read—though you're not too busy to throw rotten tomatoes. Very inspiring.

  4. You should post this kind of video more often because we can learn many things.

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  6. click here says:

    I suspect they try tactics like this to see how severe the outrage will be. If not too bad, they proceed with it. If extremely strong outrage, they back off. Not a bad idea unless you antagonize the public (and National Geographic) so badly that they simply refuse to use Instagram ever again. In that case, modifying your Terms of Service, to make them more appropriate, is too little too late. (I hope that’s what will happen. Any company as morally bankrupt as this deserves the consequences.)