January 24, 2013

4 Easy Steps for Establishing a Daily Yoga Practice that Lasts. ~ Agnieszka Czarnecka

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Developing a yoga routine at home is an important and truly rewarding step in deepening your practice.

Slow and smooth transition into a regular practice proves to work better and last longer. If you are a busy person struggling to find some free time for yourself here are four easy steps to establishing your daily routine:

1) Wake up five minutes earlier than you normally would.

Let your yoga practice be on top of the list of your priorities. If it doesn’t happen in the morning, chances are that it won’t happen at all.

Practice five rounds of  Sun Salutations every morning, six days a week for a month. One round takes only about a minute, and you will get to stretch and strengthen your whole body. Forward bends stretch your hamstrings and your back (Utanasana), back bends strengthen your back and stretch the chest, belly and the front thighs (Kobra or Upward Dog), and core strengtheners work the entire body (Plank, Chaturanga  and Downward Facing Dog).

2) Continue with the Sun Salutations and, if it feels appropriate for you, increase the number of repetitions to seven for another month.

You will be energized without feeling fatigued, and you will notice new strength in your body after only few days. Chances are good that you will actually look forward to your morning practice by the end of the first month (or earlier)!

3) Continue with the number of Sun Salutations you are comfortable with, and add one spinal twist at the beginning (and the end if you have time) of your practice.

This will release your lower back and you will find it easier to move in the poses. Try Ardha Matsyendrasana (seated twist), or one of the reclined twists.

4) Go to yoga classes and explore different teachers whenever you can even if it means once a month.

Stick with a knowledgeable teacher who you feel comfortable with and who is willing to answer your questions. During your self-practice try to include one or two postures that you have learned in the class.

Most importantly listen to your body, and enjoy this precious time being with your self!



Agnieszka is a traveling certified yoga teacher and currently teaches at her home studio on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Although her degree is in classical music and finance, her heart stays with the ancient healing technique known as yoga. She is passionate about spreading the benefits of the practice to anyone who enters through her door. Her own experience has taught her that yoga is a wonderful way to connect with physical and inner self. She enjoys all the benefits that come with her practice, from strength and flexibility to enhanced awareness and inner balance. For more info and the Vinyasa Flow timetable please visit her website or like her on Facebook.



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