January 28, 2013

Peace & Partisan Politics. ~ Sarah AbdulRazak

“The first step in the direction of a world rule of law is the recognition that peace no longer is an unobtainable ideal but a necessary condition of continued human existence. But to take even this step we must return to a calm and responsible frame of mind…” ~ Margaret Mead.

Social-ism. Fasc-ism. Islam-ism. Anything that ends with an ism doesn’t make sense to me. Contrary to those with nationalist sentiments, I was born multicultural, and hence, no division exists for me. The ultimate pursuit is and should be peace and diversity, not division or ideology. If ideologies exist, so will conflict, and where there are ideologies, there never will be peace. It’s speculative, and not experiential.

The more I begin to realize this, the more I realize I do not fit into the norm. The biggest crime against humanity is partition with closed doors. Apparently, partition is supposed to bring us together, but in many societies it separates. How do you create that community of people? It starts from the ground up. We must support and encourage diversity, starting with the educational system and extending out into the global community through public service.

Developed countries are probably more advanced with this action than developing countries, which still have a long way to go on the road to progress. Peace and the demolition of partisan politics is truly a viable solution where people, as consumers, can begin. It does not take a leader of the people to stimulate change. True change begins with the individual and their responsibility as a steward of the Earth.

There was a time in history when partition did not exist and people roamed the earth in a sustainable fashion. For the world to be at peace, people need to first be at peace with themselves. After all, external wars are an explosion of inner wars.

When we save ourselves first, we simultaneously save the world. It’s a collaborative process.

Sarah AbdulRazak is an award winning writer and visionary, who eagerly crossroads between the creative and intellectual. A global citizen and steward of the Earth, her life is a fusion of the literary arts and scholarship. Combining scholarship, arts and social advocacy has translated into her work as founder of Round Y, a millennial Think Tank, advocating east-west dialogue, sustainability and social justice in a time of cultural rebirth. She holds a BA in Culture and Society as well as English and World Literature.


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