Be the Beauty.

Via Helene Rose
on Feb 6, 2013
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flowing waterA poem to inspire.

The sound of water as it moves and flows
The feel of the earth under my bare feet
The taste of salty ocean spray and healing tears
The sight of graceful deer as they meander through the mountainside; together
The knowing of Love – giving and receiving
Be the beauty.

Copyright Helene Rose, Toward the Light 2013.

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About Helene Rose

Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network LLC to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. Her life experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She lives in Boulder, CO with her family. Read more about Helene >>> HERE.


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