“Police officer who blew the whistle on fellow officers accused of making inappropriate comments about harming President Obama & the First Lady was fired from Richmond PD.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 23, 2013
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“There’s no question that this will have a chilling effect upon other members of the police force who will be afraid if they speak out about a matter of public concern.  They too may lose their job,” said Roberts.  And that makes it a matter that should concern each and every citizen.”

The whistleblower told CBS 6 last year that the inappropriate comments were made by a 20-year police veteran who was talking on the phone to an officer assigned to provide outside security for the president and first lady. The whistleblower reported that the veteran suggested the officer “take a couple of shots . . .” and that another voice in the background talked about planting a bomb under the stage.

The Secret Service investigated and found no criminal act, but the two officers were fired amidst the furor. The fired officers have been fighting to get their jobs back…

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2 Responses to ““Police officer who blew the whistle on fellow officers accused of making inappropriate comments about harming President Obama & the First Lady was fired from Richmond PD.””

  1. @Hvacrpro says:

    cancerous conservatism… police do not need assault weapons either , only military, we got too many irresponsible kooks in public service without no psychology test to certify they are sane and mentally fit to be in public service or offer public safety first… before their own personal race, hate and fear agendas of the rwnj party of anarchy and secession

  2. Tara Lemieux says:

    I can tell you from the perspective of an actual whistleblower (I made a formal report to the Government with respect to a contractor falsifying key testing reports)…that the laws which are in place to shield and protect those who step forward (Whistleblower Protection Act) are not at all sufficient to prevent retaliation. In my case, and 5 years later – and during my background investigation – this contractor made allegations about my conduct that were horrifying (and untrue). Luckily, the agency performing this check had access to the reports and emails that I filed…so the matter was cleared up almost immediately. But, I often wonder for those who don’t have the same or similar connections – what might happen. Not to mention, the OTHER side of whistleblowing…and that is in the investigatory limitations of GAO…but that’s another story.Its really sad when these things happen because it makes it even harder for good people to step forward..