Touching Your Lover from the Inside Out. ~ Karen McGregor

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Most of us love some form of touch: a caress, tickle, a smooth move here and a rough one there. Maybe a seductive squeeze, a passionate pinch, a playful slap, grab, scratch or a gentle stroke of love.

But what if you get the cold shoulder as you begin to touch your partner? Or worse yet, a complaint that translates to: “You just don’t know how to touch me.”

The reaction is enough to make us either run or weep, but rarely does it make for better communication or connection. What I’ve noticed is that many  of us who are working towards consciousness within an intimate relationship still have a strong attachment to our partners “just knowing” how to touch us.

And what’s so wrong with that?

I’ve been invited by romance gurus and well-meaning friends to just go ahead and tell my partner how I’d like to be touched and he to tell me because that makes for better communication in general and the chances of intimate satisfaction increase tenfold.

But what if, in the heat of the moment, I don’t feel like talking? What if I want to be taken, fully and completely, without a single word, only a primordial release of ecstatic sounds?

It took a release of the traditional voice of reason, a tranquilizing of intellectual understanding to answer this one. And what came to me was the quiet voice of my heart, beckoning me to enter into the sacred moment of now and access intuitive wisdom.

To touch from the inside out.

Going within to tap into this wisdom does not need to be a lengthy or complicated process. When I’m with my lover and we begin to touch, I simply ask my intuition to guide me to the area of his body that most needs to be touched.

Sometimes I ask for guidance on the pressure, direction or speed—this process of asking takes less than five seconds, but produces red hot results.

Sometimes I use my inner vision (commonly referred to as the third eye) to see which area of the body is “lit up”; this area could need healing, more love or more attention. When I get to that area, I ask to be led to touch in the way that is most needed or most desired.

Often, my hands are directed to “feel their way” to the area; sometimes they just know without knowing how they know.

The real work is allowing my mind to relax long enough to allow my deep inner wisdom to guide me in this magical and sensual exploration.

Intuitive touch works best when two people fully trust each other and are willing to explore the realms of knowing that don’t exist in a “how to” manual. This invites the Divine within to come out and play—and when two people play in this way, the result is a merging of bodies in an experience that opens pathways to satori and the experience of oneness.

There are no words for this inside out experience; only the sounds of pleasure and the ecstasy of silent knowing.



karenmcgregorKaren McGregor is an international speaker and intuition expert. She travels the world, helping people connect to their deepest source of wisdom within and live their soul’s calling. Check out her website for further details.

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Asst Ed: Lori Lothian/Ed: Bryonie Wise



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