February 17, 2013

Yoga & Divorce. {Poetry} ~ Vanessa Butterfly Thunderwolf



Recovering Identity in 17 Syllable Verses

1. Approaching myself

Twists wring out your memories

Apana vayu


2. Silence is too loud

I’m unfolding as I fold

Wholeness is a tease


3. I’m present, now what?

Exhale down the rabbit hole

Meet your new savior


4. Kali wears my head

her foot stands on my past’s heart

Prostrate the dark one


5. Don’t tell me to breathe

lungs carried sweet words I spoke

sour on my tongue


6. Okay, so I’ll breathe

the mother of the phoenix

won’t remain in ash


Vanessa Butterfly Thunderwolf. is a writer, yogi, bodywork educator, and singer/songwriter.  She is a contributing writer for Recovering Yogi and loves clouds and kirtan. Email: [email protected]

Blog: butterflythunderwolf.wordpress.com

Bodywork/yoga classes: vanessahazzardtillman.com

Twitter: vanessahazzard



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Read 3 comments and reply

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