March 6, 2013

March Is All About Movement & Manifestation. ~ Jillian Locke

March Madness: A Magical Month of Manifestation (Station).

Each month carries with it a new theme concurrent with the energies surging throughout the 30 somewhat days.

January was all about transitioning from and forgiving our old paradigms; February was flooded with unpredictability, something I think we all experienced exponentially—and as the tidal waves of March roll upon us, the themes of movement and manifestation are carried on the tops of the frothing, cresting waves, ready to sweep our feet out from under us, if we’re not paying attention. But these rolling waves also carry with them the magic and possibility of manifesting our deepest, most ecstatic desires, if we only become clear on what we want and ask for it.

We create the road map to our daily lives through our thoughts, and one of the greatest ways to really hone in on the details is to set them to paper. Without aspirations, goals and a plan on how to achieve said goals, we’re flailing around, hoping and wishing and praying that what we want comes to us, magically, either by some god send or through the hands of a friend. But when we realize that we hold the key to manifestation within our minds and fingertips, transcribing the messages of our higher consciousness to paper, making the dreams visible and real via the written word, that’s when the real magic begins to manifest.

I had the strangest incident of synchronicity today after writing my morning pages. I’ve been struggling to change my view of money, the way I think of it, perceive and receive it, respect it and above all, generate it. I come from the ultimate blue collar background, one that emphasizes hard work over working toward your heart’s desire. I’m the only writer in my family, and the most blue collared of my family members did not take lightly to my chosen life path. I’ve always been told that my passion is just a hobby and that I need to get a real job, one that will pay the bills, offer benefits and a 401k…and all of the suggestions did everything short of rip my guts right through my belly and set them before me.

I looked at my exposed heart on the floor, hearing those well-intentioned voices telling me that they’d get me an application for that administrative position, or that assembly line position, or that accounting position…because these were the jobs that were going to make me money, and then I could continue to write, as a hobby.

So from a very young age, I’ve been programmed to think of work as a duty, an obligation, something I don’t want to do but will provide for me in the long run. I’ve been conditioned to think of art as something unstable, lacking security and a future. And unfortunately, this is the norm for many aspiring artists.

I’ve struggled with job-hopping for years, ever since graduating college, trying to hold down these so-called “stable” positions. But I’ve always continued writing. I freelanced for six years, and along with a small compensation, I received tons of perks, like free concert tickets, CDs, books, etc. Every time I’d be entering reports or answering the phone or dealing with customer service at whatever day job I had at the time, I was always thinking about writing. I couldn’t get away from it, and when I got home, I would dedicate the rest of my night to it.

What I wrote in my morning pages today was this:

I know I want success—I want to feel successful and fulfilled. And through this success— achievement and recognition in an area that is natural and important to me, like writing and healing and wellness—I want to receive security and stability. I want to create so much abundance flowing to me that I never have to worry about money…ever. That I’ll never be back at this point in my life where I’m hustling to make ends meet and to pay the bills. I want to feel differently about money, the way I see and receive and generate it. I want to feel truly radiant with money—respect it, having it, sharing it, creating more of it. I want it to flow to me from the outpouring of my natural talents, coming from the things that make me feel good and alive.

After writing this, I went about my day. I worked an expo and represented the office I work at (as the doctor’s assistant—not front desk, finally!), a job that I actually really love. When I got home, I quickly threw open my laptop to write my next elephant article. In the midst of writing, I hopped on Facebook and wrote a particularly funny anecdote which garnered the response of a few of my friends, one of whom expressed interest in purchasing some of the wellness products I sell through my own health and wellness company, completely out of nowhere. Boom! Through doing something that brought me joy in that moment—writing about and sharing a humorous situation—I attracted abundance. Instantaneous manifestation.

Some people think the Law of Attraction and the ability to manifest whatever you desire into your life is a crock, a hoax, or straight-up bullshit. And sometimes, when you’re at your lowest, it’s easy to buy into the skepticism. But when it happens to you, when the synchronicity of asking the universe for something and then experiencing the result of receiving it—remember it. Write it down. Let it serve as a reminder for the next time you find yourself in a tough spot, and let it provide clarity and hope with which to work your way into a better place. Let it guide you as you continue to create your reality.

This year has already brought about intense transformation. We’re blossoming, unleashing all of the power and anticipation gathered from the end of 2012, a year that either made or broke us. And this blossoming is gaining immense momentum as we grow into this new year, the year of the snake, shedding our old skins and coming into our new selves—our higher selves.

Allow yourself to roll with the movement of March. Stay present, stay in the moment, swim with the tides.

Be aware and watch where you direct (and leak) your energy, and when the momentum reaches critical mass, take the words that describe your dreams and write them down. You’ve got the support of the entire universe behind you. Find out what resonates with you now and what you want now, and do it from a place of unconditional love and trust. Be still enough and honest enough with yourself to find out what you really want and who you really want to be.

Then, take action. Write your dreams into reality. Become a conscious creator. There’s never been a better, more powerful time than right now.

We’re all swimming together, experiencing the ebbs and flows and tidal waves and undertows of this Piscean energy. The best thing we can do to get through this time of uncertainty is to let go and let the waves carry us. We’re laying out our paths every day, and sometimes the best way to really follow those paths is to step back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Then, and only then, will you gain enough presence to know when the time is right. Then and only then, will you truly become the master of your own destiny.

Take your power back. Take it, hold it, nurture it and release it, but only when it feels right. These are the lessons we’re all learning right now, so just know, when all feels lost to chaos…you’re not alone.

Build community from the chaos and then see what kind of new order and community is revealed with the outgoing tide.

Good luck and goddess speed!


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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