March 7, 2013

The Three Most Important Rooms in Your Home.

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The following rooms are the most important determinants of chi in your home.

It can determine how you will be affected with money, relationships and health. Whenever we’re considering how the energy in a home affects the occupants, we are looking for the following criteria:

1. Front door and home faces a favorable direction for the breadwinners of the home to ensure success with money, relationships and health. For some people, which are known as the east life group it would be north, south, east or southeast. For other people known as the west life group, their favorable directions are northwest, northeast, west and southwest. Check the charts below to see which group you are part of.

2. The kitchen stove location is important because that’s where most of us cook to nourish our bodies. In most cases real fire exists there, such as a gas stove, and other times it’s electric. Whatever energy is located there both good or bad will have an impact on all the occupants in the home. It should be located well based on the main breadwinner’s birth date, the facing direction of the home, the move-in date and the star chart of the home, which tells us how people will be affected with money, relationships and health. If you do not use the stove, then it’s a moot point and you don’t need to worry about it.

3. Lastly, since we spend one-third of our time sleeping, all the occupants should be sleeping to a good personal direction that supports them with money, relationships and health. Please see chart below.

If you want to see what your favorable directions are, you need to find your Gua number, based on your birth date, here. Please make sure that if you’re born January 1-February 4th, you use the previous year as your year of birth because the Chinese solar calendar doesn’t begin until February 4th. If you’re born February 5-December 31st, then use the year you were born to find your Gua number. Once you find your Gua number, go here to find your favorable directions.

Utilizing the method above is a good start to changing the chi in your home for success. If you’re looking to increase wealth, then you would utilize the money direction. If you’re looking to improve your health or recover from a health ailment, utilize the relationship direction. If you’re single and you want to date or get married, using the relationship direction will speed that process up. The relationship direction is also great for friendships, family relationships, word of mouth referrals, getting the buzz going in your industry and for socializing. When utilizing the directions, if your using it for sleep, you will want to base it on the direction your head is going. It’s based on the crown chakra location and not your feet location. For the front door or facing direction of the home, that’s the direction as you’re walking out the door. Keep in mind that the more ways you utilize your preferred direction, the quicker the results.

Mixing it up works well but only if you utilize another system, called the Flying Stars system. This system is based on the facing direction of the home and the occupant’s move-in date. Without having that information, it’ll be more difficult to mix it up for money, health and relationships. This is why if you want to consider using the above system, focus on one goal and use that direction exclusively to get the best results.

Good luck and have feng!


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