Obama is Pissed.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 17, 2013
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90% of Americans.

Update: Gabby Giffords’ powerful op-ed in the NY Times:

“They looked at these most benign and practical of solutions, offered by moderates from each party, and then they looked over their shoulder at the powerful, shadowy gun lobby — and brought shame on themselves and our government itself by choosing to do nothing.

And shame on Rand Paul, who called families of victims “props,” as President Obama discusses below.

Update: Obama’s speech. Haven’t seen him so pissed/heartbroken in a long time. Watch to the end:

Photo: Occupy Posters
Like getting a driver’s license is an assault on my rights, too!


Another apt comment: A day after the anniversary of the VT shootings, where the killer was able to purchase guns after being committed by the state to a psychiatric ward.

Great comment via a friend (ironically, on Facebook): “This is our own fault…Joe Biden and the President begged us to call Congress and make our voices heard and hardly anybody did. Congressmen and Senators received calls 5-1 in favor of people’s 2nd amendment rights….If this were happening in Europe, people would have been out on the streets demanding gun safety laws for the protection of our children and citizens against gun violence.

Apparently sharing things on facebook isn’t enough.”

Breaking: Shame on the US Senate. No background checks!?

Shame on the Senate. And shame on us, and me, for not doing more.

The Senate has rejected a bipartisan effort to require background checks.

Yet another sad day for America. We’re on roll. A common sense, mild, bipartisan bill supported in principle by 90% of Americans. Voted down. The NRA, and 48 Senators, ought to be held responsible for the next failure of commonsense background checks to keep weapons out of the hands of the unstable, the criminal.

Read the rest at the NY Times:

Senate Rejects Background Check Measure, Blocking Drive for Gun Control:

A wrenching national search for solutions to the violence that left 20 children dead in Newtown, Conn., in December looked close to collapse on Wednesday after the Senate defeated a bipartisan amendment to gun safety legislation that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers, and it appeared poised to reject several measures to expand gun control.

The victims and survivors of recent mass shootings looked on from the gallery above.


In the first vote, the background check measure, drafted by Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, and Senator Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, fell short of the 60-vote threshold it needed in a 54-to-46 vote.



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13 Responses to “Obama is Pissed.”

  1. kimberly Lo says:

    Sadden by this, but not surprised.

    I've learned from experience that there is no reasoning with the fringe that things that every man, woman, and child in America should be armed to the teeth. Seriously. . . It's scary.

  2. jim says:

    I don't see him shedding a tear for the children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria etc. killed by his policies.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Really? He's gotten us out of Iraq, and is getting us out of Afghanistan. Neither was his war. I see no love of war or murder in this man. And even if you think otherwise, gun control remains an important issue here at home.

  4. katz says:

    NO. no no no. we are in Iraq, having destroyed it, we are in Afghanistan, having destroyed it. we are in Syria, having destroyed it. we are in Libya, having destroyed it. we are in Uganda, working on destroying it. we are all over Africa, and the Middle East formenting torture, horror, use of WMD, and the use of drones. don't whine to me, Obama. you need to return that Peace prize that you make a mockery of.

    he wants our guns too. that way we are sitting ducks, just like all the folks that he has exterminated thus far. obama makes bush look like a kindergarten child, as far as war crimes go. I heard obama is an egotistical maniac, and he flies off the handle any time he does not get his way, so whine to someone who cares.

    I also do not believe any of these false flag events, staged by the various agencies, both domestic and foreign. I also stopped watching the propaganda corporate media, as they lie like teenagers, any time their lips are moving or they are reading their cue cards.

  5. katz says:

    do not forget that thanks to the USA, over 1.5 MILLION Iraqi unarmed civilians are dead. we used flourescent bombs on Fallujah, which was known as the "City of Mosques". it is a war crime to destroy a religious shrine. we burned the flesh right off of the children and left behind contamination that is rendering children born to mutant-one-eyed-six-legged monsters.
    the depleted uranium will bond to the nucleus of the cells and cause permanent DNA damage that will follow the people into the future forever……..and obama wants my gun? I saw what he did to the other people who are now dead.

  6. katz says:

    BTW, if we were not in all these illegal wars of aggression, aka war crimes and crimes against humanity, we would not be broke. now, they want to cut all kinds of domestic programs, to the detriment of the people, but for guns, they want to create a whole new bunch of enforcement jobs.

    and, we all saw what a bang-up job the Feds did w the TSA groping scenario that has created jobs for thugs, and wrecked the airline industry.

  7. bandit says:

    Yeah the drone warrior supports "moderation" and "common sense". Quit defending these traitors Waylon. I mean, this guy is blowing up people all around the globe. Civilians. To hear him say that he wants to make kids safer is unfathomably hypocritical. Stop the oil wars if you care so much Obama. Mark my words the president will pick up the wars double fold (to keep the wool over the eyes of Obama's supporters) and yes – they are still happening now.

  8. jim says:

    Thank you, katz and bandit.

  9. jim says:

    The issue is personal responsibility and morality, not gun control. People can't seem to understand that prohibition is not the answer to ANY problem. The answer lies in the soul of man.

  10. Daniel says:

    Jim prohibition has never been on the table this is all about regulation. Obama’s incredibly upsetting foreign policy does not preclude the importance of common sense background checks. Bringing up foreign policy is simply deflecting away from the issue at hand.

  11. katz says:

    don't worry, once they have the gun registry, they know where to go to confiscate the guns. and don't think for a minute that it can't happen. it happened bf, and it happens when people are unable to defend themselves.
    I don't like this idea of keeping our troops disarmed. they know that the rate of suicide among the returning troops is high, and they know that most come back w PTSD. that will be enough to keep a gun from them. trouble is, our troops are the ones who can defend the People. they are the ones who gave up so much for the People. they are trained warriors and I'm sure that the corruption that has allowed the murder of JFK and the coverup and the 911 tragedy, and the cover up and the war machine, combined w the big pharm sector are all not worried about the Public Trust. they have forgotten their oath of allegiance to this nation, but our troops have not. so, this would allow them to keep our troops at home disarmed. they are also allowing foreign nations to join the service, to get citizenship. those "troops" are great mercenaries.

  12. kmacku says:

    It's not prohibition. It's regulation. And it seems to be working for cars.

    Let me enlighten you to the government's coming for your cars movement that you're inevitably going to tell me never happened: it did. It was called Cash for Clunkers. Man, that was real invasive, wasn't it? I just totally felt my personal liberties go right out the window.

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