Dove Experiment Parody: How Men See Ourselves. {Video}

Via elephant journal
on Apr 19, 2013
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dove men parody

This is a parody of this: Sketch artist draws women how they describe themselves vs. how they are described by others. (Illustrations, Video)

“I have a balanced face, almost like a white Denzel Washington.”

People often ask me, hey, you know who you look like? And I say…yeah, I get it all the time: Paul Newman? Robert Redford. Cary Grant? And they say, no, you look like a smaller, less-funny Conan O’Brien.

  Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Men:

For more: In Defense of Dove. ~ Kevin Macku


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9 Responses to “Dove Experiment Parody: How Men See Ourselves. {Video}”

  1. Saar says:

    Hahah, this is hilarious. I laughed out loud. Well done!

  2. Deb says:

    At first I found this a funny satire, but then I got uncomfortable. It's a bit nasty actually. Men are not always full of themselves, they are often very insecure about how they come across to the opposite sex, they just tend to cover it up with bravado and bluster. Men, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    Fair point Deb! I know this to be true…..and yet, simply as a direct parody of the Dove commercial – i laughed a lot! vEry funny

  4. Clara says:

    Well, this may be true in some cases.. however, the opposite can very easily be true for both men & women. Case by case, I say..


  5. Tim says:

    Men are egotisical buffons. Everyone is ugly to women.

  6. judy says:

    This one made my daily laugh out loud! Very good!!

  7. beautiful human says:

    This is not funny at all, in fact it is hurtful and useless! What does it serve to belittle another or woman, to make them feel like less than their highest image of themselves. Dove real beauty has the nerve to do this when they beautify women. What beautiful person allowed this to be posted.

  8. Cherie says:

    Wow. This is shameful. Men have the same body issues and insecurities that women have. Men are somewhat fortunate in that society judges them a little less on their appearance and quite a bit more on accomplishments, but it doesn't change that a huge number of men are very insecure about their appearance and especially about the way that women view them. Human beings, as a whole, need to realize they are more beautiful than they think, both women AND men. It's also shameful how this video portrays woman–as mean, shallow, and hurtful. Most women are not like this. Most women, upon meeting a man who doesn't have a strikingly handsome appearance, will focus on a man's best feature. There are woman this cruel. They are generally WAY more insecure even than the beautiful women on the real Dove video. Women who are this cruel are generally very wounded people who don't have the ability to get close to anyone. Sure, it's a parody. Sure, it's supposed to be funny. Sure, people will probably comment on how those of us who don't find it funny are probably humorless morons who get "butt-hurt" over anything, but reality is that cruelty is cruelty, and means jokes are just that–mean. If someone had done a parody of the Dove video using "ugly" women who think they are "hot" people would probably be offended, but when men are the brunt of the joke, the whole world laughs together and that's okay? Wake up, world. Humor like this reinforces that men and women are enemies, not partners. This is NOT progress.

  9. Scott says:

    I completely agree with Cherie and I thank her for her post. Here's my 2 cents…..
    …. Some call this "parody" funny? Seriously? They use "parady" to make a warped sexist statement, which is pure male bashing level 12 on a scale of 1-10! Dove should sue for this and I hope they do. Especially since the authentic Dove Beauty video is also posted there. If these elephant folks really think men have disproportionately high self-esteem, they must be Jane Fonda x 2! The majority of ALL people in the U.S. suffer from lower self-worth (sense of inadequacy.) This video couldn't be more out of touch with reality. There is a good reason the true Dove beauty campaign is the most Viral Ad video ever. It's quite poignant about many, many women today. But it's hardly a gender issue.
    Please note that of all the "successful" suicides in the U.S., men account for more than 3 times those of women (not including the sharply rising young veteran suicide rate!)
    Of all divorces (or any romantic relationship) that occur in this country, women initiate the exit in 75%+ of the cases, leaving millions of children cut off from their fathers who are emotionally devastated already. I should know….
    Of all U.S. citizens incarcerated, 95% are men.
    Of all the homeless in America, males exceed females 9 out of 10.
    Unemployment?….Shorter life span?….Graves in Arlington Cemetery?….Addiction problems? You guess it.
    These stats do not reflect that we have a society of self absorbed, egotistical men ….Yeah, it is a disgraceful video….
    I intend to post a suggestion on the Dove site that they ought to file a lawsuit against for copyright infringement at a minimum.