April 8, 2013

My Yoga Is… ~ Abby Vernon



My Yoga is…

Compassion, discipline, love and respect for myself, others, all living beings as well as the source from where we originated.

Living a life of awakened and purposeful action, causing no harm, abusing no resources, being a light amongst the darkness of ignorance, greed, and deception.

Observing with kind eyes, speaking with gentle words, embracing with loving touch.

Accepting paradox as a part of life, allowing life to gift me wisdom with grace and passing it on to those whose paths I cross.

Service to my community.

Constant change.

Patient progress.

Gratitude and growth.

Infinite possibilities.

Healing, learning, teaching, inspiring.

So much more than handstands, hard bodies and spandex.

Embracing being fully alive in every moment and the excitement and pure joy that brings

And when I wander from this path, coming back to my yoga, the ever-present source of light, guidance, support and strength that resides in my heart; always and forever.

This is what yoga is for me…what is your yoga?


Abby Vernon is a passionate yoga lifer, writer, teacher, green-drinker, hip-hop enthusiast, fun-haver, survivor, semi-feminist, former bad girl. Open to everything…except that.  Follow her on Twitter @YoginiAbbyV or keep up with her on her blog www.yogabyabbycom.


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