“This is What Happens when a Journalist Forces a Banker to Actually Answer a Question.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 2, 2013
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This video’s already been everywhere, but if you managed to miss it…it’s worth the watch.

How to ask questions without taking BS obfuscation for an answer…and without losing one’s cool, and doing a disservice to truth-seeking.

Journalism isn’t about objectivity. It’s about truth.


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3 Responses to ““This is What Happens when a Journalist Forces a Banker to Actually Answer a Question.””

  1. sandra says:

    gotta love the Irish!

  2. emer says:

    A classic Vincent Browne moment! Ireland needs more like him.

  3. dslyoga says:

    Wayon … This video might have been "everywhere" but not enough of "everywhere." So thanks for keeping it going.

    This "press conference" is a classic example of how the Military/ Medical/ Industrial/ BANKING & Legislative complexes around the world have basically taken over significant institutions of nearly all nations, and feel NO need to actually address the issues, let alone be accountable to The People. And of course, MOST of the media goes along with the whole thing, except for the very few lone voices — like the reporter in the video — who try to get The Truth from the so-caled "authorities." But we The People have been warned, over and over again, of such shenanigans for at least a couple of THOUSAND years now, and we keep letting these people — the money changers and their minions — take over society and then do the inevitable. …

    When will we ever learn? When will we stop being The Sheeple?