May 8, 2013

Corepower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga DVD. {Review}

  Note: The author was given a free version of this DVD. However, all expressed viewpoints, positive and negative, are that of Amy, and Amy alone. Read on!

Being more of a traditional yoga practitioner, I was interested to see what the Corepower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga DVD had to offer in terms of a yoga-fusion type practice.

The DVD is divided into three 20-minute segments and also includes a bonus seven-minute Corepower Abs routine. The first two practices, Ready to Sweat? and Strong Body, Strong Mind follow more of a traditional yoga practice, while the third segment, Yoga Sculpt, gives the user the option to add free weights to the program. The Corepower Abs portion is a fairly challenging abdominal and core workout.

From the beginning, I was introduced to Kumudini, a Corepower-trained yoga teacher with a gentle voice and pleasant smile. She’s likeable and engaging and clearly knowledgeable in proper alignment and verbal cues. As a yoga teacher, one of the first things I notice in an instructor is his or her ability to spot alignment concerns and the skill to effectively direct students from posture to posture. Kumudini does well with these points.

However, I couldn’t help but notice Kumudini’s nervousness. There were also a few bumbling moments, such as the stumble in the Strong Body, Strong Mind segment at about the 15-minute mark where Kumudini asks the demonstrators to transition into happy baby pose. After a two-second awkward pause when neither of them move, she asks, “Hmmm…right?” I found blunders like that unexpected in a Gaiam-sponsored DVD.

Kumudini doesn’t practice with the students in the DVD, but rather walks around and adjusts both practitioners frequently. I thought she was a bit too touchy. I’m not much of a physical adjuster as a yoga teacher, instead I prefer to give verbal cues and adjust only when necessary, so I found her hands-on approach distracting.

To be fair, part of my review entailed actually watching the entire video, rather than simply practicing along. Her extensive adjustments may go unnoticed by the practitioner who is focused on the practice; and the hands-on explanations may be helpful to some.

The short 20-minute segments make it easy for users to squeeze a quick practice into their schedule, but also allows for a full hour-long practice on less busy days. The seven-minute Corepower Abs core workout is easily something that can be added to a daily routine.

The segments are challenging enough for the seasoned yoga practitioner and not too difficult for the novice. One of the demonstrators shows beginner modifications, making it easy for new students to follow along.

However, in terms of serious cardio, I only see the Yoga Sculpt portion being the calorie blaster. You’ll likely sweat a bit with the all three practices, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on the DVD as your go-to cardio workout.

I do think, however, the DVD would be a good accompaniment to a regular yoga practice. A strong core is vital to a strong practice and this DVD will certainly help build the muscles necessary for strength and balance.

Despite its awkward moments, I find the Corepower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga DVD would be beneficial to practitioners looking for a different take on yoga—and for those needing some help with those love handles.


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