Spontaneous Living.

Via Gerry Ellen
on May 31, 2013
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Enjoying the sun

What is it about leading a busy life that feels like accomplishment?

Is it the notion that every task that is crossed off our list somehow gives us the sense of “ah, glad that’s done” ? Or, are we a bit desensitized to the actual idea of living life that we get caught up in keeping up.

I have some words below that I’ve integrated into life. They are words that can conjure up images and meanings to each of us, and give us the sense of spontaneous living. I used to feel that spontaneity meant venturing around all willy nilly, and seeing where everything landed, including me. That involved moving around, changing jobs, nurturing new friendships every place that was visited, and dancing at the drop of a hat. I like to dance at the most inopportune times; usually on my own and in front of a mirror, so I can see just how bizarre I look when I am in a large crowd at a concert. It seems so silly and crazy, but boy does it feel good.

Spontaneous living can be any form of pleasurable and joyful thought or activity that gets you up and moving.

It doesn’t have to be dancing at all. This type of living can be so incredibly childlike that you are moved to respond to the moment. And, that is precisely what living is all about. Being in the moment.

Here are my words for you. Take them as you like. Wrap them up however you need to. Interpret them as your own. Write them down and incorporate them into sentences and actions. I assure you that the feelings associated with these words will take on a life of their own at separate intervals in each day of the week or year. If anything, these words will spring forth some emotions that put you in the moment of spontaneous living. Enjoy!

Infinite correlation, distinction, intelligence, wisdom, coherent coupling, meetings, reverence, stewardship, symbiotic relationships, healing, existence, humility, gratitude, stillness, dynamism, honor, observation, sacred, intention, conviction, respect, passion, vitality, connection, roots, confidence, purity, integrity, validation, potency, awakening and awareness….

With summer just around the corner, this might even be an interesting word game on the road.

Who doesn’t love a good road trip with a worthy companion? There is so much time on a road trip to keep the moment happening and exciting with word games and quality books. I, for one, would stay awake just to hear a multitude of perspectives on meaningful words. Toss in some push ups and walking lunges at rest stops, and spontaneous living is in full bloom!


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About Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, freelance writer, and wellness consultant. She recently launched her own gig called *8 Paws Wellness with Gerry Ellen* which combines all of her passions (outdoors, yoga, strength, meditation, writing, dogs, fun!) Her first novel Ripple Effects was published in March 2012. As a regular contributor to elephant journal, Be You Media Group, Light Workers World, Meet Mindful, Tattooed Buddha and Rebelle Society, she also balances incredible friendships, heart-centered connections, and sharing her experiences of life and love. These are the things that matter to her most. Her second book A Big Piece of Driftwood, published in April 2014, is also available on Amazon.com.


2 Responses to “Spontaneous Living.”

  1. Anna says:

    Wow! This is a power packed article. I've read it twice (so far), and am now picking up the subtleties. Makes me wonder how "desensitized to…. living life" I am?
    The word I am pondering is "existence".
    The last line is pure Gerry. (Push ups and lunges? YES!!! 🙂
    Thanks for bringing sacred presence into my day. Thank you for your humor and joy. You are a gift.

  2. Gerry Ellen says:

    Thank you!!!! You know me, can't sit still in a moving car for very long. I love those rest stops!!!