Before & After Photoshop.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 22, 2013
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Oh boy: Never forget Alex Jones once posted before and after pictures to sell a supplement in which he barely changed but just got redder (

An antidote to all of the below:


Update: both images above:

“Justin Beiber threatened legal action against for posting this .gif that suggests he is not as big as his Calvin Klein advertisement makes him look, claiming this insinuation by Breathheavy is damaging “his brand.” (

Media has unrealistic beauty expectations for Men, too.

Mindful bonus:


6 hours of photoshopping a model time-lapsed into 90 seconds:



Compare these pictures of Beyonce to any no-makeup non-retouched picture of her.


Mindfulness isn’t about gurus on mountaintops. It is about everyday life. It is about learning to make friends with oneself, as we are. Buying into perfection is aggression: aggression toward ourselves.

“A little perspective goes a long way…” via Imgur via my ol’friend M.

photoshop media maitri

What’s sexy? Humor. Loving oneself. Not perfection? Not so much (but it sure does sell):

For more on Maitri just as we are, read the Buddha, on Aging Gracefully. Or, Katy Perry Photoshopped. Or, More Attractive without Make up?

Ah, photoshop. The digital equivalent of plastic surgery. Photos:

Bonus: a great, handsome young Buddhist teacher on how to help the world:


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11 Responses to “Before & After Photoshop.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Schmitz: Ok, the Taylor Lautner one made me laugh.

    Maureen J That's pretty interesting. I feel better about my under-eye bags now, lol.

    Colleen G Who looks at a beautiful woman and says OMG she has a bit of a shadow under her eyes or I see a HINT of a crease at the corner of her mouth we MUST get rid of that! I guess they need to make a living too. Job security…no one is perfect and looks 13 forever.

    Ruth Mendoza Increìble!!

  2. Bob says:

    I am a professional retoucher and though I specialize in still life, the beauty retouching goes on all day every day on screens right next to me. A lot of the above retouching is , and not very well done (Katie Couric, the 2nd Keira Knightly, George Clooney, 2nd Britney Spears). But what this series mostly shows is how lighting affects our perception. Really carefully done studio lighting can be really harsh on the skin and will also reveal that every single human on this planet has hands that are bluer than our faces. And that quite frankly no one wants to see this (1st Britney Spears for example). And also a lot of retouching is done to make really bad or haphazard or uncontrolled lighting resemble studio lighting (Megan Fox, Fergie, Jonathan Rhys Meyers).

    But it does seem to be a slippery slope…an art director logically wants the clothes to look like they fit the celeb or model in the first place, which of course they did not, so that gets fixed and then after that something else sticks out, and after that's fixed something else sticks out, and then an agent weighs in and the the celeb weighs in and then the magazine weighs in again.

    Believe me, there is nothing reotuchers would rather do than fix the lighting and clothing gaffes and leave the rest alone. That would be satisfying work.

  3. Jason Gan says:

    Some of these retouches go above and beyond. Changing a person's figure all together is just wrong. Removing eye bags alters reality to fiction. There is a fine line between artistic imagination and grooming/styling/retouching. Some borrow imaginative inspiration from Botticelli.

  4. Catherine says:

    And what about the Jennifer Lawrence photo? Good grief! They took someone with a perfectly lovely body and particularly beautifully muscled arms and made her look like a damn stick! Her arms look ridiculously skinny!

  5. Amanda says:

    The photo that GQ use was actually the first photo (where she looks healthy). Not sure who photoshopped that one!

  6. Kortz says:

    Whoa! Taylor L looks so good before, why'd they photo shop that face?? 🙂

  7. heather grimes says:

    This is crazy to see the before and afters juxtaposed in this way. Wowie.

  8. Joe Nameth says:

    Yeah. The Lawrence one is a amateur job. Look at the couch cushions near her arm. Where did these come from? If they aren't legit sources, this is fear mongering.

  9. Tara Ewashy says:

    What I found surprising is that they not only give women bigger boobs and smaller everything else, but they also take away muscle tone to create skinny, shapeless, arms and legs. Who is it that is asking for this?

  10. judit says:

    Dear @justinbieber

    When I first saw your ‪#‎mycalvins‬ ad, I’ve snorted out laughing, thinking that you are an absolute douche.
    Beyond feeling offended that a rather good brand even thinks that I can be fooled, I felt a little sympathy for you. You are not building but damaging your own brand by letting @CalvinKlein trying to make a totally wrong product – celeb match and make you look something you are clearly NOT.

    Don’t forget we all saw you shirtless at Fashion Rocks, and to your credit you did some planks and bicep curls to some of your fans greatest viewing pleasure. But come to your senses! No intelligent, tasteful, well informed grown up (the target audience of @CalvinKlein ??!!) would believe that what they see is real. No offence – I’m sure you’re great, but take your crotch area for example – you are 20 years old ffs, who are you kidding? Or is this a new social media incentive that your well paid brand guardians came up with? ‪#doesmydicklookbigenoughinthis ?
    The people who are advising you should do a better job when shortlisting selects for the ads that go live. And @CalvinKlein should give this some thoughts as well.

    So instead of requesting amends from sites that published your pre-photoshopped images, here is something to consider:
    Stop trying to be your brand and try being yourself – the 20 year old young musician you are. Your fans love you for what you do best – it is not fashion modelling yet.
    If you wanna be buff, because thats your new thing, then be it, keep going to the gym and whilst you are there, get your personal trainer to tailor some sessions for your legs too.


    An advertising professional, fashion lover, and imperfect human being who sometimes spends a bit of money at CK and enjoyed dancing to “Boyfriend” a couple of years ago.

  11. Nanie Emkay says:

    Well face the facts of who or what you are.

    Anyway I like the last pic. Really!!