More attractive without make up?

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make upBad skin? No make up? Hair a mess? you’re beautiful.

I’ll take real any day. Less chemicals, more us.

Most makeup is toxic to our skin and insides, longterm. The health cost, environmental cost, and cost to animals’ welfare is vital. And, of course, our self-acceptance—whether we choose to wear no make up, lots of make up, or very little—is vital.

It’s not about attractive, externally. It’s about making friends with ourself, as we are, whether we choose to ornament our skin, or not. And…it’s about using natural ingredients that don’t harm us or our fragile planet:

These Stars look great Before & After Make up.

Less can be Beautiful, too.


10 Steps to Liberate Yourself from Makeup. ~ Tifany Lee

Use conventional makeup? Here are the 515 chemicals you’re putting on yourself every day.

and: “Cause: more toxins in everyday environment. Effect: cancer rates continue to climb for men & women. Answer: do not use conventional make-up or bodycare.” [Summer Rayne Oakes interview]

Less can be more. To makeup or not to makeup. Either way, we’re beautiful as we are. 14 Photos, before & after.

We do that above, and in many others. I think it’s empowering for all of us to know we have the choice, and can be beautiful either way. There are 100s of millions of $$$s pushing us to wear makeup–and only a few little blogs suggesting otherwise is beautiful. Sorry.

Two new photos. Update: Emilia Clarke from Game Of Thrones with no makeup. (via Celebs are held up as examples of beauty, so it is important to remember that they are just humans, too. 

make up makeup

Scarlett Johansson with no makeup for Vanity Fair:

no makeup

 Quote re this photo: “If you don’t like how women look without makeup, never get married.”

Take off your {fake} face.

For more:

> Conventional Lipstick? Don’t do it to yourself. Here’s some highly-kissable Alternatives. [Treehugger]
> Here’s what a year’s worth of makeup (literally) will do to your face.
> Cause: more toxins in everyday environment. Effect: cancer rates continue to climb for men & women. Answer: do not use conventional make-up or bodycare. [Summer Rayne Oakes interview]

#55/108 on True Love list? She’ll go easy on the make up.

You’re more attractive than your make up.

We want to kiss our loved one—not chemicals.

Saw this great feature on NY Daily News.

Who’s to say you need make up? Sure, these are stars—but stars are the ones who wear the most make up, so if they’re looking good without, that’s gotta tell us something.

So go au naturel (on your face, at least), or wear a bit less—and maybe you’ll be even more kissable! “Flaws” are okay—in fact, they’re you—and you is who your loved one wants to smooch.

A little makeup can be nice, special, fun—just go easy, and go truly organic (the skin is sensitive, absorbent stuff, and unlike food—where your body is set up to process out most toxins—our skin can’t filter out nasty chemicals. And nasty chemicals have been shown to be related to the dramatic increase in cancer over the last 75 years).

All photos via NY Daily News, click over to their site for many more.

For more:

Supermodels without Makeup.






Mindful Offering:

Pangea Organics

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72 Responses to “More attractive without make up?”

  1. Thor says:

    I guess I’ll state the unpopular opinion. “Attractive” is in the eye of the beholder. For me (and I think most guys), all the ones with makeup look a LOT more sexually attractive, and that is why there is such a vast industry behind makeup. I’m seeing a lot of articles and comparisons recently that seem like they are designed to make women who are in the middle of the bell curve of beauty feel like they are as pretty as models. It just doesn’t work that way. Yes, you can still attract men and have babies as you have for centuries. But if we are talking about physical beauty and attraction, a cake with frosting and sprinkles is more intriguing than a plain sponge cake. That view doesn’t invalidate the personhood of any woman, it simply recognizes what most guys find sexually attractive. Eye candy is always going to be more attractive. White teeth are more attractive than yellow. Straight teeth are more attractive than crooked. That works for guys also. Guys with good looking bodies and rugged faces are generally more attractive than dumpy geeky ones.

  2. Carmelene Siani Carmelene says:

    I look at the mountains and they are beautiful. I look at the ocean and it is beautiful. I look at the ocean and it is beautiful. I look at a woman and she is beautiful. Makeup is beautiful – it's own right and in it's own way – it is painting the canvas, gilding the lily, making what is into something else. Let's call it what it is. Meaningless. It is fashion. And it changes from generation to generation, even year to year – else what would keep Maybelline in business. It is not worth talking about. My husband likes what he calls "the porn star look" when we go to bed" – so be it. I put on eye shadow and thick lipstick and eyelashes. Who cares but he and I? It's all play. There is absolutely nothing between a 5-year-old girl putting on make up and a 50 year old woman. It's using the body and the face as a coloring book to evoke images and – yes, even feelings (as in my husband's case). It has nothing to do with how we feel about our "real" selves unless we make it into that. In fact, coming from a woman who has been through at least a dozen entirely different makes up changes over her lifetime, it has nothin' to do with nothin' – it's just what it says it is — make up.

  3. Marilyn says:

    I only wear makeup for special occasions like dates weddings etc but even then it's natural makeup from NYR Organic. I love my natural looks. Dark strong features. But sometimes I like a little more dramatic look. Love my mascara especially! Smells good made with argan oil so I know it's nourishing my lashes! Lip gloss with organic orange oil so if someone kisses me it tastes good! Not like chemicals. Hate nasty tasting lipsticks

  4. Kate says:

    Waylon, with all due respect (that’s what all statements start with just before someone says something complimentary, right?) I’d be less worked up if you were addressing a specific issue like, my SO wants me to wear makeup but I don’t want to or my boyfriend says I look tired and old when I don’t wear makeup. But this post is nothing but your opinion about what looks nice on a woman. It’s Friday night so I’ll assume you had a long week and got into the hooch. Don’t forget that some woman just like putting on makeup, contouring or painting their lips a shade of pink that might not exist in nature. A woman’s “made up” face may not be a desperate plea for the attention of a man’s approval. I really like this site and have shared it with many friends and often share posts on FB so I expect a bit more.

  5. Anja31 says:

    Porn stars as new supermodels? Xcuse me,I'm off

  6. Lee says:

    Super disappointing article. I’m wary of men writing about women’s appearance, and I expected more from this site. Men don’t get brownie points for thinking a woman is attractive without makeup. If a woman wears makeup, she’s making that choice herself. I was also surprised by the amount of photos that were used in place of any actual complex ideas on the writer’s part. What I took away from the photos is how uncomfortable most of the women look at being photographed, and how many of them appear more comfortable in their makeup.

  7. pia lucca says:

    why are all the owmen pictures like…25? the issue becomes much more interesting when you juxtapose the pressure for women to be perfect with the aging process. middle and old age are beautiful in their own right, but yo’d never know it because we never get to see it. women have long been expected to look 35 for life. finally, that’s starting to change. put some agin beauties into the mix and then we’ll talk.

  8. Heather Kolankowski says:

    If these gals could afford the time to go without make-up their skin would level out and be much more beautiful. However the rigors of their occupation dictate that they must portray a certain character daily. And let’s “face it” these are not the most flattering photos taken. Worst of the worst with best of the best, Ladies, you are lovely and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Hugs from The Great White North XXOOXX

  9. Joe says:

    As these photos clearly show young women's attractiveness is clearly degraded by makeup, that is in attractiveness to straight men. Expensive handbags, jewelry and clothes also have little effect on attractiveness to the opposite sex. This stuff is all about ego and competition among women. Makeup is also related to this. It boost women egos so they can feel confident in continually demanding more resources from men. So this is correct, makeup for young women is not about making them more attractive.

  10. Brian Young says:

    WAY more attractive without makeup. More resonance, greater energy footprint, amplified personality integration.

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