June 3, 2013

NY Times: “Slathering on Sunscreen Shows Results, Researchers Find.”

How the sun sees you: (“even if you have dark skin, still wear sunscreen!! everyone tans/burns!”)

“We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.

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Face half-covered in sunscreen, seen under UV light.

Image: Wikipedia: “Two photographs of a man wearing sunscreen (spf 50) on one half of his face, in visible light (left) and ultraviolet light (UV-A, 340-355nm) (right). The sunscreen on the right side (your left) of his face absorbs ultraviolet, making that side appear darker in the UV picture.”

“Sunscreen has many compounds that absorb or scatter the harmful UV rays so that none of it gets to your skin.”

Excerpt via the NY Times:

“People who diligently use sunscreen every day can slow or even prevent for a time the development of wrinkles and sagging skin, a new study found. Although dermatologists have long told people to use sunscreen to prevent aging, this is the first research to show an actual effect on the appearance of skin, researchers said…” …read the rest at the NY Times.

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