June 11, 2013

The Sometimes Serious World of Yoga Gets Balanced with Humor. ~ Leo Peppas

The sometimes serious, or maybe taking itself too seriously, world of yoga is slowly being balanced by a little more by humor.

All bubbles inevitably burst, even a yoga bubble!

There’s plenty of evidence that yoga humor is gathering momentum.

If you’re going to be serious, you better be funny!

Here are some examples I call it yog’art:


Some people would love a genie in a bottle… she’s happy with a yogi in a can!

The amplemann looked a little stiff, so I invited him for a yoga class. Now he just can’t get enough.


Knowing which way is up! When the landscape changes, we need to be able to orient to find our way. One reason we go upside down in yoga is to observe this process, see what happens and see if the capacity for orientation is clearly available.


Yoga helps us see things from a different perspective.



 How about some yoga between classes?




A smile is in the moment (this is me by the way).






Having originally started as an Iyengar Yoga teacher, over the last 25 years Leo Peppas has integrated an understanding of body awareness and movement principles into his teaching and developed a comprehensive approach of his own.

His belief that yoga can present a clear link to the path of self discovery and provide support in everyday life is core to his teaching method. He has worked with and drawn inspiration from Donna Farhi and teaches a form of yoga that seeks to return to the original spirit of yoga.

“Leo and Sandra offer a depth and breadth of experience rare in Yoga teachers today. Their commitment to honoring the spirit of Yoga while integrating contemporary knowledge in the field of somatics makes for potent instruction. Yoga students interested in engaging in authentic practice and study have a precious opportunity in these two gifted teachers. ~ Donna Farhi, author of “Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit” and “Bringing Yoga to Life.”

Leo is also a qualified movement therapist (Body Mind Centering based) and Psychosynthesis therapist. He is currently studying Rolfing Movement with Hubert Godard and continues to evolve his understanding. At the moment Leo has also been nominated as one of the yogis of the year in Holland, you can see here.





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Ed: B. Bemel
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