June 26, 2013

“You’re Unprofessional.”

From the Land of Just Sayin’…

From @waylonlewis on Instagram:

On Professionalism.

When someone who isn’t paying you calls you “unprofessional,” it’s Dictionary time.

A few comments via my friends before I decided to take this down off Facebook and share up on elephant, since this seems to be a complex theme and common experience:

Dave: This is a real problem, especially in the “conscious” community. It cuts both ways. People try to get value/service for free, in exchange for “good karma,” while the people providing that value/service don’t properly establish the parameters of receivi…See More

Waylon Lewis: Sadly, when many of those who in film, blogging, media, or as volunteers work with big corporations, everything is clear and we’re treated well. When working with companies/ventures/natural products/sanghas etc. we care about, enjoy and want to support, it’s often demeaning, disappointing. That said, you’re right: we all have much to learn, on both sides of the fence.

Laurie: teaching yoga is the profession where you apply for a paying job weekdays during the day and you get offered a chance to volunteer… on a weekend!

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