Finding Happiness Amongst Uncertainty. {Pema Chödrön}

Via Tara Lemieux
on Jul 30, 2013
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“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, “Beauty and Terror”

I was intrigued reading over these words, just this morning ~ and as I sat watching my faithful pup breathe out a most-contented sigh.

It’s as if in these short moments, simple flecks of time, he is able to surrender fully to all of life and that which life brings us.

And just by breathing in…he settles in.

A friend joked the other day that he and his dog both suffered the troubles of a “5 minute memory”…as if, this was such a very bad thing.

But, perhaps that is the trick of it, isn’t it?

To allow things to sit, for only just a little bit—and then bid them farewell as they slip away into another day.

“No feeling is ever final.”

Too often, we find ourselves struggling to hold onto happiness—fearing it forever lost in the wash of emotions that life carries with it.

And we are left to wonder, how we may embrace the absolute richness of this life when we ourselves appear to weaken.

How do we create a happiness that is big enough to experience all of these moments—the fear, the pain, the heartache and sorrow…and that will also allow for continuous gratitude, as well?

It’s this very impermanence that creates a space of ‘fully living.’

So, my dears, instead of worrying so very much over ‘what might have been’…

Flare up like a flame, and make big shadows…” for true happiness to settle in.

Video: Pema Chödrön,  “Creating Unconditional Friendship with Oneself”

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2 Responses to “Finding Happiness Amongst Uncertainty. {Pema Chödrön}”

  1. Great thoughts. I have lived through extremes and found that the only place we ever really live is in the present moment. It doesn't seem that way because we spend so much time lost in our concepts about the past and the future. Since the present isn't frozen then there is no need to cloud it with interpretation.

  2. Kris Lord says:

    Thank you for a timely reminder. I have spent many years struggling with getting hooked by the past and worrying about a future that hasn't shown up yet. But thankfully something clicked a few years ago, and my journey now is to stay present as much as possible, and I have begun to feel the weight lifting away. Observing my dog enjoying each moment is another wonderful way for me to be reminded. 🙂