Seane Corn on Love & Career. {WAYLON}

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jul 24, 2013
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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

In the Moment with Seane Corn.

Waylon has a bad day at Tadasana, and Seane, his magical big sis, rescues him and takes him to her palace in the sky at Topanga Canyon, the site of her future eco home. She counsels him on business on the way, shows him (and Lindsey) her longtime cottage, they check out her yurt and talk about love. Waylon remembers nothing from the day, it’s all a golden blur.

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4 Responses to “Seane Corn on Love & Career. {WAYLON}”

  1. elephantjournal says:


    Lisa: that was a really awesome interview. thank you for sharing

    Lori: Seane Corn tells Waylon Lewis about the secret to a lasting love relationship with her man" "He wants me to be fully who I am and he celebrates all aspects of me. The light and the dark. I on the other hand, am one hundred percent committed to changing every aspect of that man." Kim H who will see the archetype of King and Queen in this one…

    Kim H: I love this statement because it shows how the masculine and feminine approaches are different but can work together. He sees the value in her and works to preserve and protect it (Warrior King). She sees the potential in him and inspires growth (Lover archetype). The key is he is not wounded by her insight but fully in his power to discern the value in what she makes tangible. Sometimes what she says won't work for him but when it does he will let his ego, his pain, his fear die in order to be a better man, archetypal speaking.

    Elaine T: I do not agree in changing "every aspect of the man" I feel that is wrong and there should be mutual acceptance

    Waylon Lewis Elaine, I hear you–but I do think Seane was exaggerating, a little–making fun of herself–which is so necessary, healthy, relaxing, in relationships.

  2. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Sweet! Beautiful view–didn't know you could see Catalina from Topanga Canyon. Used to ride horses there on the fire roads with my step father. Good interview with a very confident yoga teacher.

  3. @YogaUgo says:

    Seane, your relationship is an inspiration! Great insight into career as well – "Have fun and be yourself."

  4. Alex says:

    Thanks Seane. I had no choice but to set out in my path as a yoga teacher with that mind set "Have fun and be yourself." Yoga is my absolute joy and passion, and there really is something else driving me too. Like you said, something bigger. It's taken off so fast for me I can only imagine that there's some other powerful force wishing this to be. It's all been quite shocking but wonderful. I feel in flow when I teach. Even if my life is feeling a bit poo as soon as I step in front of the class worries just fade away. I hope this continues as it's the greatest gift I could ever have asked for. It's my dharma and like you, I have no choice but to live it. Love, from London, Namaste. X