August 2, 2013

Because it’s Friday & you’re tired…long week…DANCE PARTY! (7 Videos)

Okay best ever, filmed in one continuous take, wow:


Update: how could I forget?

The Surgeon General Reports: Insta-Inter-Office Dance Parties are Good for your F**king Productivity. (video)

It’s Friday. Listen to some good music, and watch your mind open and productivity soar. Joy is good for the health. If you can’t dance at work: Dance in your Mind.

This isn’t Dance Party material, but it’ll warm up your Joy. It’s beautiful and worth watching.

First Aid Kit I’ve shared before, too, but:


Warming up? Now, something timeless, amazing, edgy, ancient, wow: every child and bad boy loves this one:

You can work to this one until 1.4 then you’ll wanna stand up and dance party. Dance party is even better for your work productivity and health than standing at your desk:


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