Fate, Coincidence or Co-Intention? ~ Jaclyn Bauer

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on Aug 26, 2013
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The other day I got into a friendly debate with an acquaintance regarding the nature of life as one of either fate or coincidence.

I defended the idea, not so much of fate, but of the power of reason and the notion that there is some sense and purpose in our lives. He stood in favor of coincidence, arguing that there was no logical reason for anything that happened in the world and thus there was no overarching logicality governing the world.

We argued incessantly, and eventually I couldn’t hold my ground. I couldn’t explain, beyond the experiential knowledge and sentiment that I held, why I felt the way that I did. It crushed my ego and defeated my confidence: I hate to lose anything, especially a philosophical argument.

And what was worse was that now I really didn’t know where I stood. I’m an extremely logical person and if I don’t have a million and one reasons—or one excellent reason—to believe something or to back up that belief, then I usually lose sight of it pretty easily.

Why did I feel the way that I did? Why did I believe in reasoned actions and purposeful outcomes?

I spent the next two days trying to explain my belief system to myself. I tried to rationalize and irrationalize every thought that I had until I could come to the root of my particular position on the subject.

I went more than a bit of nowhere for a while. Then it dawned on me in meditation on Monday morning: it has nothing to do with fate or coincidence. Every event that has ever occurred has been the product of energy.

Whatever energy is manifested at a given time and projected into the world is the energy that will be received and returned. Perhaps the return on this energy doesn’t always happen in a timely manner, but most often and overtly that energy produces an instantaneous reaction that presents itself as action. Now this doesn’t account for things such as death or the inevitability of pain, but those occurrences are already explained by the finitude and imperfection of human existence.

Intention is vital in the processing and expulsion of energy. Even if that intention is somehow “unintentionally-intended” or accidentally misplaced, the cultivation of the energy it requires to assert an intention on its own will induce great change and movement. Moments that seem like fate or coincidence are nothing more than the physical and tangible outcomes of the intangible and metaphysical thoughts that it requires to produce those actions.

This doesn’t mean that you can dream of chocolate cake and it will appear in front of you—this means that if you are intent upon an idea, goal, or desired outcome of a situation you can induce movement toward the manifestation of whatever it is you are contemplating.

I always say that I can’t get used to meditating on something and it coming to fruition. Ironically, whenever something does come into being that I’ve visualized, or asked for, or even just desired, it tends to be exactly what I asked for and not at all what I really wanted. I get my wording wrong I guess, but this only further proves to me that the energy I’m emitting is the energy I’m receiving.

In these particular instances I didn’t get what it was that I wanted, and perhaps I didn’t know what it was that I wanted in the first place, but all the same I got exactly what I asked the world for.

I’m erring to the side of positivity in regards to actions and reactions, but let me not leave out negativity and lack of action. It is negativity that we are least often aware that we project and embody.

We wonder why great things don’t happen to us, why we get stuck in jobs, in places, with people. It is directly related to the energy that we are manifesting, or in most cases, not manifesting. The road goes two ways and it is just as powerful to be inactive mentally and meditatively as it is to be persevering and strong willed.

And again, instances of pain, human flaw and death are nothing but the inevitability of our placement in this world as human beings—circumstances already explained by our very nature. The importance of these events and situations find root in what can be learned and assimilated from the particular experience. What value, what lesson, what sense of growth you can garner and integrate into your sense of self is what makes these events happening worth the while.

Circumstance, then, is by no means a product of intention. You don’t will yourself to be born into the family, financial situation or country that you are, but the events that unfold as you mature as a spirit are dictated by your own sense of self and the energy you put out into the world.

So forget fate or coincidence—life is nothing but you, the universe and the collective energy of every other being who is an “I.”

Toiled together and spun into recklessly wild entanglements of human connection we come to affect each other’s lives as much as we affect our own, and this is where we tend to lose the thread, where we get caught up in the idea of fate and coincidence when really we are just sharing energy and creating our own lives as we are enhancing others.


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About Jaclyn Bauer

Jaclyn Bauer is a freelance writer and editor, and student of yoga philosophy. Having received her degree in Literary Studies with a focus in Classics and Philosophy from DePaul University, she plans to continue her education in Classical Eastern thought so that she too can share its splendor with the world. She can be reached at [email protected]


12 Responses to “Fate, Coincidence or Co-Intention? ~ Jaclyn Bauer”

  1. Rebeca Eigen says:

    And I would say that energy can be described as archetypes in our birth chart. After studying astrology and doing astrological consultations for many many years, I am still in awe of how our karma/fate is indeed the unfoldment of character and all along the way we are choosing how to live the energy that we were born with.

  2. ola says:

    Thank you for this article. This theory makes so much sense and explains why things seem to go certain ways. I can absolutely relate to what you mentioned about receiving exactly what you had asked for, yet it never happens in the way we actually imagined it. Sure makes life interesting thats for sure!

  3. imagineannie says:

    This piece makes me want to have a long conversation with you. (Not a debate :-)). First I was going to resist your premise, but then it occurred to me how many times I created negative situations by projecting that kind of energy into the world. Not necessarily getting what I "wanted," but what i was sure was going to happen. Then I thought "what about karma?" and "what about illnesses – do we create those?" And…I'm still thinking. Thank you for this.

  4. Sandee says:

    I have seen this in my own life. For a long time, I was successful in many areas of my life but not in others. I finally realized that my attitudes and beliefs in the unsuccessful areas were either negative or apathetic. Once I turned my attention and intention to the positive with regard to those areas, they started turning around. It's really kind of amazing.

  5. Sharon says:

    I'm trying to understand, in your 11th paragraph, why you would ask for something you didn't even want? Seeking clarity…isn't desiring something in the first place wanting it? Don't understand.

  6. Jaclyn Bauer says:

    It does always seem really crazy how apt and accurate astrology can be in terms of our personal lives! I wonder too how energy plays into the happening of one's conception as the particular being that s/he is…:)

  7. Jaclyn Bauer says:

    Oh I know that feeling… it's so easy to keep on thinking and never come to a conclusion – that's why I think it's so important to think out on paper whatever you can and then go back and refine it as your theories and perceptions grow and change.

    I think we have a hand in our karma and the perception of our own illnesses (which can directly relate to how long that illness lasts or how intense it actually is) – but I do think that there is other energy at plays beyond that which is manifested in our physical bodies.

  8. Jaclyn Bauer says:

    😀 thanks for that Sandee. I agree – our power as human beings is often underestimated…it's also so easy to forget the power that we have when we are stuck in a sticky situation.

  9. Shanti S says:

    Intention is the visualization but work, and most often hard work, keeps it going and produces results. Nothing comes to us unless we work for it and that is, of course, energy. As to getting things we didn't ask for, I think the Rolling Stones really sum it up: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find you get what you need."

    Love your last line – it says it all.

  10. Chuck Noparstak says:

    Energy, goal setting, intention all help lead to desired outcomes. Without these qualities its difficult to get where you want to go. Random events, other peoples' intentions and actions, changes in our own developmental stages and our personal health combine to change outcomes and more importantly the goals we set for ourselves. Each step forward leads to an unpredictable outcome. It is our response to each outcome that counts. Staying balanced is difficult but necessary to remain on the path we set for ourselves. What you have discovered is only the beginning. Keep your eyes open, stay focused and grow within yourself.
    Nice post.

  11. Jaclyn says:

    Thanks Chuck!

  12. Brianna says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It has opened up a mental block that I have been struggling with, and given me renewed confidence.