August 2, 2013

Meditation For Feeling Feelings & Coming Home. ~ Edith Lazenby

I don’t need my anger and determination to survive. I need love.

Read this through once then give yourself to it. This process brings me to me. I become present to my heart and my needs. If you’ve read my writing you know there is a lot of darkness. We have to turn to the darkness and embrace it to find the light. I am learning how through what I am sharing here. Grief and I are intimate but only because I live life doing all I can to avoid it; therefore I cannot move beyond it. Now I am learning to feel the grief and dance with the shadows and the light.

Lay down on your back, a pillow under the head and legs. I suggest placing one hand on your heart, the other on your stomach. If that is not comfortable set your arms in a way that is comfortable to you. Begin:

I am sad.

I am lonely.

I am holding the moon.

I am present.

I am heart.

I am feeling.

I am my kitten.

I am hurt.

I am loving.

I am darkness

I am crying.

I am light.

I am mountain.

I am rock.

I am sun.

I am bright.

I am scared.

I am alone.

I am a butterfly.

I am a tear.

I am a smile.

I am feeling.

I am a tree.

I am a breeze.

I am present.

I am my body.

I am my heart.

I am warm.

I am my mind.

I am a wind.

I feel rain.

I am sad.

I am raw.

I am need.

I am present.

I am empty.

I am in a cocoon.

I am resting.

I am stillness.

I am calm.

I am feeling.

I am present.

I am life.

I am grateful.

I am alive.

Now when you finish your “I am” statements feel the fullness. And know in any moment you can find presence with this simple exercise.

Recently my life shifted and I felt more alone than I have ever felt.

A healer taught me this exercise four years ago. Finally, I get it. Finally, I see I cannot look to others to give me what I need to give myself, what I can give myself. I can be alone and not be lonely. I am learning how to love and to do this I must learn to love myself.

What I know today is I cannot love myself if I cannot be with myself, if I am not fully present in my heart, body, mind and spirit.

This exercise of saying “I am” is a window and a door and a means to coming home.


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