“When did Elephant Journal become Cosmopolitan magazine?”

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on Aug 24, 2013
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The below comment complaint was posted in response to our sharing this article.
Mark D: Let me post again here what I posted already elsewhere: When did Elephant Journal become Cosmopolitan magazine?

Elephant Journal We post dozens of articles a day on green, adventure, family, politics, social good, conscious consumerism, yoga, and, yes, folks going through divorce and relationships. Read what you like. We’re about all of the mindful life. If you want to focus on one thing in particular, we have subpages: Elephant Buddhadharma, Right Livelihood, Enlightened Society, Elephant Meditation, Elephant Family: Children & Parenting and a dozen others. But we don’t believe in siloing. That’s up to our readers.


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4 Responses to ““When did Elephant Journal become Cosmopolitan magazine?””

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Update: He replied:

    Mark D: You might actually want to read the article referenced here (as well as another one you've just posted entitled "10 Things Not to Do When I’m Being a Bitch") and consider whether or not they live up to your stated focus on "the mindful life." To be clear: in general, I love what you do. But honestly, some of this stuff is just tabloid clickbait, more self-indulgent than mindful. If you want to go the way of the Huffington Post, of course, godspeed. But for some reason I had the idea that your work centered on matters other than money. I would be delighted if that were true.

    I replied:
    Elephant Journal You bet. Thanks for reading before commenting, and I appreciate your detail. My attitude, personally, is that we offer equal parts accessible and everyday life and depth, quality. Hopefully both, simultaneously. We are not aiming to be The Atlantic, or, such—we're aiming to be The New Yorker of this mindful stuff—silly, depth, reviews, a mix. It'll take time to get there—particularly since I and you the reader/writer are dependent on our own community's submissions, which range from offerings you and I may love and appreciate, and offerings you and I may ignore.

    A few months ago, I posted a criticism of such on elephant, entitled "If I were a man, I wouldn't read elephant journal." I am a man.

    Each to his own. That said, we are on a journey to improve, improve. Thanks and do consider contributing–we need more discernment. http://www.elephantjournal.com/submit

  2. To some extent, i have to agree. I'm noticing a definite slide towards fluff on EJ, which is a shame since this is about the only good magazine on the web. Aiming to be the New Yorker is about the highest goal imaginable, in my view, but what the New Yorker manages is to make even fluff profound and then, when it writes about fluff, it balances it with very hard hitting pieces. I am finding those rarer and rarer on EJ, and some of the fluff pretty hard to chew… What about actually commissioning some pieces to balance out all this reader generated content? And then to remind the editorial team from time to time, is this about entertainment or about waking people up, celebrating great truth and deep practice….

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Hi Piers: Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I think commissioning pieces is a great idea and thanks for suggesting it. We're working on tightening our submission requirements—I think this is about a mix of things and that there is balance somewhere in between articles for entertainment and articles that contribute to shift in consciousness. ~ Bryonie

  4. Thanks for listening Bryonie!