August 11, 2013

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It: Take Care of You.

Meandering through the morning, I find myself thinking a lot about the big picture.

The big picture of life, that is. How we are evolving. How this whole Age of Aquarius is moving and shifting each one of our individual paradigms and creating some of the healthiest beings on the planet.

It didn’t start out this way.

It has been brewing for some time now. Ever since 2013 hit our reality, and consciousness for that matter, the buzz has been about doing some deep inner work. We just can’t seem to roll along any more, whining and complaining and not taking any responsibility for our lives.

Each one of us has this special duty to ourselves and the planet.

It’s easy to escape this fact with alcohol, arrogance, too much stimulation from internet and television, unkind people treating others with zero respect, and just this sense that “it’s not our problem”.

Uh, it is. It is our problem.

It is our individual right to take care of who we are inside.

It is cool and awesome to be part of this big picture of life. And, that is to own every last thing that we do and say, and just be okay with where we are going and what life has to offer.

We all have a special path. Who’s to say what works for one works for all? That goes for absolutely everything from nutrition to clothes to books to activities to relationships, and all else in between.

Summer is coming to an end, despite continued soaring temperatures in my part of the country.

I have put an end to many things in my life that just don’t work any more. Is it part of my own evolution? I believe so. Many endings were subtle. Many were me taking control of my own destiny. And, one in particular has shed light on a very delicate relationship I’ve had with myself for some time now.

It’s the biggest breath of fresh air that I can honestly remember. It’s called “acceptance“.

Acceptance of all of me. My weirdness, my spontaneity, my sudden bursts of “wow, this is the coolest life ever!” I feel like a big ol’ kid who just discovered a hula hoop.

I ponder the big picture just about every day.

I am aware of the internal work I’ve done over the years. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness yourself in situations that you never thought possible, and how you are able to handle them these days.

Are you reacting? Are you being melodramatic? Are you being overly sensitive? Are you taking it personally?

Don Miguel Ruiz, an incredibly humble man and author, had his Four Agreements. Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

His book “The Four Agreements” was published in 1997, and who knows how long it took to write this simple and profound novel. His words will always resonate with the big picture. This is a guide book for all time.

If we can keep honoring our own unique paths, making our way in this Age of Aquarius, how can we not be living up to our own true potential?

This is that big picture. And, it does affect everyone.

We smile. We participate. We connect. We forgive. We pay attention. We love.


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Ed: Catherine Monkman

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Read 2 comments and reply

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