For the Love of My Practice. {Video}

Via Ash Constance
on Sep 19, 2013
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And: Skinny Love: “As a teenager, I was imaged obsessed.

Entranced and mesmerized by the top models—Kate Moss, Natasha Poly and Gisele.

Size zero was the ultimate goal.”


What I love most about yoga is not the shape our bodies can create, rather, the grace and discipline it takes to transition into and out of each asana.

The vulnerability. The integrity. The ignition of passion and fire from deep within. The dissolving of any mind-created limitations preventing us from reaching our greatest and truest potential. And its versatility.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, at any time.

I once lost the ability to believe in my own potential, imprisoned by my controlling mind, bound by past conditioning and beliefs, limited by opinions from others. But enough was enough. I decided the only way to grow is to fully expose myself.

To shine light into the engulfing darkness.

To be too strong to permit the unapologetic negativity of anything or anyone.

And so I did; I boldly threw myself out into the open, liberating myself from my own fears. Since that moment, a whole manner of unforeseen incidents and events, which I could never have dreamed of, have come my way.

My gratitude is too vast, too extensive to measure.

We are the creator of our own destiny, we are the masterminds who shape our own future, we can choose to make the best or the worst of it.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Ash Constance

Ash is an international yoga teacher, Doctor of Chiropractic, and writer. Through her struggles, she is inspiring tens of thousands across the globe. FInd her on Facebook and Instagram: @ash_constance.


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