September 20, 2013

Louis C.K: Sadness is Poetic. ~ Julie Garcia {Video}

Photo: Malin Bakay

Louis C.K packs a profound punch.

Here’s his latest, which starts on the subject of why he refuses to get his daughter a cell phone and then delves into the notable reasons we feel the need to keep our gadgets glued to our hands, even whilst driving.

We forget about the sweetness of the now.

The difficulties, the sadness, the subtleties, the imperfections of the present moment. These are all times that we should be grateful to live through.

If we just let our feelings flow through us, they will pass. This means the good ones will eventually go, but it also means the bad ones will too.

I know that when I’m down, it feels as if I’ll be there forever; the sadness feels as if it will never lift. But it will.

Like Louis C.K says, the body will attack the sadness with little happiness antibodies, or something.

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