September 2, 2013

No Men Were Harmed in the Making of This Video. {Adult}

This, from a group of New Zealand Law Students who took exception to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video.

It’s smart, it’s sassy, it’s intelligent, and it pokes fun in just the right way. In New Zealand, we call that taking the piss.

Gender-flipping is the way to make obvious how much bullshit goes on in music videos when it comes to the way women are portrayed. It looks so ridiculous when men are asked to behave in a similar, yet watered-down way.

We’re spoon-fed so much media which still objectifies women (mostly—yes, men are objectified too). But we’ve become so conditioned to it… the lines have blurred. Creative responses like this call ‘Bullshit.’

It heartens me to see this video, because it brings about balance.

I don’t believe in censorship per se, so I wouldn’t want Robin’s video banned for being ‘inappropriate’ or any such thing. Instead, allowing a call and response shows what’s actually going on in our society. That video reveals what many men do think, and what may actually be true in some way shape or form.

Yes, sometimes women do say no when they want to say yes because they’ve got this idea that they need to be a good girl. Hell, I’ve been that girl. I’ve repressed my own desires; however, I would never have paired exploring that idea with a music video like Robin Thicke’s which portrays something else entirely different.

The women in his video aren’t expressing their own strong, centered sexuality, but acting out a subservient male fantasy. And that is bullshit.

Thank god for intelligent responses like this. With no further ado, here are the New Zealand Law Students.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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