October 8, 2013

Do it Sacredly, Secretly & Silently. ~ Vina Von Bliss

Maybe you’ve seen this image and quote go viral on Facebook—as with lots of quotes.

Although I can’t take credit for the words of wisdom, I was the original poster of this message last year. I believe it was also re-posted and shared by the likes of Gregg Braden and many others.

I mention this not to gain kudos or recognition, but to highlight the deeply resonant essence at the very heart of this message and my reason for writing this article. Whether one is teacher, author, speaker, guru, healer or student, there is a deep and humble poignancy captured in this quote.

Everywhere around us, our inboxes are being bombarded with special offers of content, trainings and workshops to tantalise our already overloaded minds with the latest healing modality or get-rich-quick scheme. Someone somewhere has figured out how to hook you into a niche market.

We stand, poised on the cusp of a new era. These interesting times see us at (r)evolutionary cross-roads, heralding a transition of epic proportions. The old guard is changing. The new is being birthed before our very eyes and circling in the domain of our cosmic hearts.

And while I don’t really intend to get all “woo-woo” wisdom in your face, a part of me does in fact want to plunge you deep into the etheric regions of the soul—beyond the precipice of the matrix and the current crumbling paradigm.

I understand business models that teach how to monetise your business in order to create a successful and lucrative brand and get your message out there… “I can’t help but feel that this is profoundly de-spiriting, because it reinforces the idea that it’s ‘all about money”.

~ (paraphrased by quote from author, speaker and visionary Charles Eisenstein)

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last decade being involved in the positive development and self-help industry. Who hasn’t? I was exposed to various trainings on how to pitch one’s product and brand identity using integrated business models and cross- promotional marketing funnels—from how to best optimise your website with SEO and plugins, to writing that bestseller and becoming a coach, holding webinars, seminars, affiliate programs, joint ventures, automating this, monetising that…blah blah blah.

Who else is tired of seeing transformational content and healing modalities being packaged and copyrighted into online courses, workshops and programs? I’m not suggesting doing away with it completely, but re-visioning an alternative way in which we exchange our skills and experience.

And while it has worked for many, if one’s idea of success is measured by a mass cult-like following and a generous bank account, there are just as many who seem to succumb to an inflated sense of self importance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting people don’t benefit from attending workshops on learning ‘how to sell your 40-page e-book and earn half a million dollars in 60 days.’ I’m simply questioning the narrative that seems to be implicit in this manic world and the manner or ‘formula’ in which we are being seduced to get our message out there.

Do we really need to launch a full scale marketing campaign? Are those font sizes, colour palette and copywriting techniques effective enough to capturing your target market? Do you really need all the right plugins on your website and using YouTube naturally to enhance your profile? Do you have the perfect promotional headshot for your bio? It’s relentless.

Enough already!

Has our authentic and genuine desire to help transform the world led to us down the trap of being just another cookie-cutter churning out another (perhaps not-so unique) message/idea out there in a cacophony of confusion and mass hysteria? We all have our unique stories and expressions of life to share—and yes, we should all be entitled to receive remuneration based on the special skills and talents we possess, but geez, people. Can we just relax and let up a little?

Who cares if you weren’t invited to speak on stage, or your submission wasn’t accepted or your art did not get raving reviews? Do you really need to drill every client or customer for their testimonial so you can whack it onto your website?

Are we so obsessed with ourselves and our image that our Facebook profile shots have to be photo-shopped? How about having a candid not-so posed shot?

Having a busy schedule filled with appointments and bookings doesn’t necessary translate to having peace of mind and contentment and that you’re on the path towards fulfilling your soul’s purpose and mission. Not everyone needs to write that killer book, be featured on Oprah or have 50,000 Facebook fans on their public page.

People’s bullshit radar is getting stronger these days. They can sniff out inauthenticity in an instant. Let’s not be blind-sided by someone’s superficial charm, charisma, gift of the gab or intelligence. Many fall for good looks and fast talkers who appear to have it altogether on the surface, but are their hearts in the right place? Trust your gut instincts. It always reveals what it needs to in the end.

Relax sugar muffin! You are awesome—perfect and needed in this moment.

Your presence is more than enough. Your sheer vibration alone is enough to have the effect it needs to have, on those who will find you or hear your message. Like the quote above suggests, you don’t need to advertise and scream fanatically like a lunatic to attract raving fans. Just continue along your path and your clients will find you organically. Trust in the natural order and magic of the universe.

Let people be drawn by the silent pull of your effervescent heart, spirit and essence.

It’s all perfect.


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Assist Ed: Dana Gornall/Ed: Sara Crolick

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